10 Steps for Easier Weight Loss

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10 Steps for Easier Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, everyone knows the drill: reduce your calorie consumption and exercise more. The formula is meant to be simple and foolproof, and yet somehow it doesn’t always work, or at least, it doesn’t work as effectively as you would like it to. The problem is that when it comes to getting and staying in shape, it isn’t always as easy as you would think – for one reason or another, often these plans just don’t work out how you would like them to. Perhaps your body doesn’t react in the way that you would expect it to, or maybe you aren’t losing as much weight as you hoped? Sometimes, for one reason or another, the weight loss plan that you are on just doesn’t work, which leaves you wondering what your next steps should be.

To help boost your weight loss and make the process of getting in shape easier, below are 10 steps that it’s worth taking – these are almost guaranteed to give your success that boost it needs.

Keep a food diary

Studies have shown that people who write down what they eat each day in a food diary have a tendency to eat less, and as a result, lose more weight. If you keep a food diary, you are more likely to have self-control over what you eat, as you don’t want to write down unhealthy foods, hence why you then lose more weight.

Do the right exercises

While all exercise is good for your body, there are certain exercises that can help to make the process of losing weight quicker and easier. For instance, there are different fitness challenges that you can take, such as the 30 day plank challenge, that will push you to work harder and put more time and effort in. If you exercise in the right way, you will see the pounds melt off of you, or at least, you should do.

Buddy up

A great way to boost your weight loss is to buddy up with a friend who is also on a weight loss and fitness journey. The fact is that when it comes to losing weight, it isn’t always easy to stay motivated, which is why teaming up with a friend can be so beneficial, as you can motivate each other to stay on track. Just make sure that whoever you buddy up with is able to effectively motivate you, and vice versa.

Stick to water

At breakfast time, it’s perfectly fine to drink juice, coffee – whatever takes your fancy, but after breakfast to give your weight loss a boost, stick to water. Did you know that on average, most people consume an extra 250 calories a day from soft drinks? Over time, that’s a large number of calories that all add up, which is why it’s a much better idea to stick to water.

Eat more slowly

If you eat too quickly, you will eat more food than you would do if you ate slowly, because when you eat quickly, you need more food to fill you up. However, if you choose to eat slowly, as you eat your body will begin to digest the food that you are eating, making you feel fuller more quickly, meaning that you will need to consume less food to feel full.

Reduce your TV time

A study found that the more time people spend watching TV, the more food they tend to eat, and thus the more weight they gain. If you want to reduce your calorie consumption and lose weight, then it’s important to reduce your TV time, so that, as a net result, you aren’t eating as much. If possible, aim to reduce your TV time by an hour each day; this is a way to potentially see a difference when it comes to your waistline.

Do more household cleaning

Whether that means vacuuming the entire house from top to bottom, washing the floors so that they are spotless or washing every window in the house, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that cleaning burns a lot of calories, so when it comes to losing weight, the more cleaning you do, the better.

Don’t eat until your stomach rumbles

Far too often, people reach for a snack the moment that they feel even slightly hungry. Don’t be one of these people, instead wait until your stomach actually rumbles before you start reaching for an item of food because by doing this, you won’t eat when you aren’t hungry, and will, therefore, reduce your calories consumption. If you do have to eat a snack, make sure to opt for something healthy and free from sugar – perhaps you could implement a rule that says you only snack on natural foods as snacks? Think fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. That way, you can ensure that you’re only feeding your body with good stuff.

Walk for 45 minutes a day

Have you heard that walking can aid weight loss? Well, if you haven’t, you might be pleased to know that it can, but only certain types of walking. You see, walking for 30 minutes will get your heart rate up, but according to studies won’t actually help you to lose weight. Whereas, if you choose to walk for 45 minutes, you will lose weight. 30 minutes of walking a day help to prevent weight gain, whereas 45 minutes a day or more will help to boost weight loss.

Make all your food from scratch

Did you know that shop bought foods are often packed full of sugar, salt, and fat? Take a tomato pasta sauce, for instance, the jars that you get in the supermarket have around 12 teaspoons of sugar in them – that’s a lot of sugar for something that’s supposedly healthy, isn’t it? That’s why it’s much better for your health if you make your food from scratch yourself, as that way you know exactly what’s gone into it.

When it comes to losing weight, it isn’t always easy to get it right straight away or to maintain your losses after a certain time period. That’s where it can be helpful to take into account the tips and advice above and implement them in your weight loss plan, to help make the process easier.

Maggie Hammond


Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organizations.



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