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Should You Purchase The Red Clover Tea Detox? Reviews and Info

The Complete Herbal Guide / Everyday Solutions  / Should You Purchase The Red Clover Tea Detox? Reviews and Info
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Should You Purchase The Red Clover Tea Detox? Reviews and Info

Simple detoxes with teas are a popular way to cleanse your system of toxins, especially after a heavy weekend of overeating, or drinking too much alcohol. Some people simply like to detox regularly for general health benefits.

Here we are looking at the Red Clover tea detox, gathering information on what it is made from, the potential health benefits, and user reviews in order to understand the value of this tea in the crowded detox drink market.

A brief history of tea and detoxing

3000 years ago in China, herbal teas were being prepared and used as medicines, so it is no surprise that in modern times we look to tea to aid detoxes. Green tea is well known for its health benefits, which include boosting the metabolism and improving immunity against disease and sickness. Milk thistle is used for liver issues, senna tea helps keep the bowels healthy and functioning well, while burdock tea is popular to flush the kidneys. See if the Red Tea Detox is really a scam or not: red tea detox scam? – EHI Primary Care

What is red clover?

It’s a plant with a long history of being used in herbal medicines. Baking in sunlight the clover produces flowering tops, and these are picked and used for detox purposes. When dried they make a pleasant tasting tea, but the drying process does reduce the effectiveness of the medicinal qualities it brings.

How does red clover aid detoxing?

It’s a popular choice because its qualities promote the removal of waste and toxins from both bodily fluids and tissues. This is why people with inflammation-related conditions such as acne, arthritis or gout have found it so useful. It does its best work on the urinary and lymphatic systems but needs to be combined with other herbs to have much effect elsewhere. [Except the skin, as it can be applied directly to stings, burns and so on for instant relief.]

Red Clover tea is known to contain a very high level of antioxidants, which help eliminate harmful free radicals – often linked to cancer forming. It is also packed with vitamin C and most of the B family too. In traditional Chinese medicine red clover is used to help cleanse the blood.

Is it worth buying?

The answer is a very confident yes, particularly if you are a female approaching or struggling with the menopause, have skin problems, or a condition which negatively affects the lymph glands. There are plenty of positive reviews from a cross section of customers with these issues who claim very positive results from consistent use of this detox tea.

At the very least you have a decent cup of herbal tea to enjoy, and at best you’ll experience the benefits of a gentle and entirely natural detox process. Of course, as always it is advisable to consult with a medical professional before using any kind of herbal medicine or tea to treat a specific condition.


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