Lactic Acid: The Athlete’s Enemy

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Lactic Acid: The Athlete’s Enemy

Representing one of the greatest ironies in personal wellness today, millions of athletes and fitness devotees who watch every bite they eat are being challenged by the very same culprit affecting those who regularly consume processed foods, salty snacks, and sugary desserts. Their shared enemy? Excess acidity.

Consider this: if you’re a serious athlete, “weekend warrior,” or an active consumer who values the life-affirming benefits of strenuous regular exercise, it’s likely you’ve experienced the muscle discomfort and fatigue often associated with lactic acid build-up. And if you haven’t taken the proper amount of time to ramp up the intensity of your workouts, the symptoms are likely to be that much more prominent.

Lactic Acid Explained

As an athlete, or simply someone who trains to beat your personal best, you know how to put your body through its paces. While you’re planning to participate in a big event, or scheduling your training program in preparation for a big sports event, there’s one thing that should never get in your way: acid. And, in particular: lactic acid.

As you begin your exercise routine or set off on your run, your body generates energy by using oxygen. In this aerobic state, you’re able to keep up with the demands of your day’s exercise as your muscles are fed oxygen and work to sustain your body through a rigorous training program.

However, once you exceed your capabilities, your body flips over to an anaerobic state, where your muscles aren’t receiving enough oxygen to continue. At this point, your body begins to break down glucose in order to provide your muscles with the energy they need for you to finish your race or complete the circuit. And it’s during this time that lactic acid starts to build up in your system.

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Reaching Your Lactic Threshold   

As you continue in your training or competition, your muscles burn more energy and produce more lactic acid. Very quickly, this breaks down into lactate, which then leads to the release of hydrogen ions. When your body can’t process the lactate quickly enough to turn it into energy for your muscles, the hydrogen ions begin to build up and increases the levels of acidity in your muscles and tissues. The potential outcomes: a sudden bout of nausea, extreme muscle cramps, a burning sensation in your muscles, or terrible stomach pain.

Not exactly the fulfilling workout you had in mind.

While counteracting the effects of lactic acid build-up is important, seeing lactate as an enemy is incorrect. Instead, you should focus on managing your lactic acid build-up and thereby increase your lactic threshold. For example, remember to start your exercise routine gradually, and not go from standing still into a full workout. Sure, like a car, it’s possible to go from zero to 60 quickly, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for your engine.

Food & Fatigue   

Obviously, feeling fatigued is hardly a welcome sensation during a workout (or anytime, for that matter), so don’t forget to avoid high-acid foods such as processed meals, sugary treats, caffeine and salty meats that may well deplete your energy levels just when you need them most. Instead, boost your alkaline content with fruits and veggies – all of which will help keep your system in perfect pH balance and keep you feeling your best.

Lactic Acid: The Athlete’s Enemy

MULTIFORCE Keeps Acid On The Run Naturally    

In addition to pacing yourself when exercising (and, of course, eating low-acid, high-alkaline foods), you can also control or even prevent lactic acid build-up entirely by letting a 100% all-natural supplement called Multiforce do some of the heavy liftings.  Mineral-rich and clinically proven, Multiforce re-calibrates your system’s pH balance between acid and alkaline so you can feel better and continue living an active lifestyle.

Specifically formulated to treat the causes of various health issues associated with excess acidity and not just their symptoms, Multiforce makes use of the citrate form of minerals which are able to neutralize acid molecules and are much more easily absorbed by the body. Indeed, unlike traditional treatments for excess acidity on the market, Multiforce works systemically from head to toe as opposed to just zoning in on one select part of the body. What’s more, Multiforce doesn’t rely on digestion to be absorbed – thus ensuring consumers won’t face the stomach discomfort or nausea often associated with mineral supplements.


An all-natural alkaline powder that’s safe, proven, and incredibly easy to use (just mix a teaspoon of powder with water), Multiforce is ideal for virtually anyone anxious to tackle the acid-based causes of muscle fatigue as well as such conditions as, gout, uric acid, joint pain, chronic fatigue, and osteoarthritis. A glass of Multiforce is recommended an hour before you start training (but not while working out), and then again that night before bed.

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