5 Simple yet Powerful Tips for a Food Addict Diet (And Effective Meal Plans You Can Try)

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5 Simple yet Powerful Tips for a Food Addict Diet

5 Simple yet Powerful Tips for a Food Addict Diet (And Effective Meal Plans You Can Try)

Do you consider yourself as someone who is always craving for food intermittently? Does your craving take place several times in a day? Do you think chips and small snacks are important parts of your day? Can you imagine your every day without eating a junk food? If you answered yes twice or thrice, you may be addicted to food.

In this article, you’ll learn and discover 5 simple yet powerful tips for a food addict diet and effective meal plans you can try.

Food addiction according to medical professionals is basically being addicted to food especially junk foods.  When you smoke a lot or drink a lot, maybe you can have moments of restraint and say enough is enough. But if you are a food addict, you cannot just suddenly stop eating and tell yourself you’ll never eat food again!

Food addiction is as serious as it gets and we feel that something should be done about it. If you are addicted to food, do not feel ashamed for being one because there is a food addict diet available. All you need to do is find that motivation and discipline to tell yourself in the face of junk and too much food, “never again.”

Insanely simple steps to stop food addiction

If you are ready to take on the food addict diet, here are the most important steps you must do.

#1 Evaluate yourself and assess if you are a food addict or not.

5 Simple yet Powerful Tips for a Food Addict Diet

Researchers and medical professionals firmly believe that owning up food addiction is the first step to a healthier eating pattern. In this, you might want to try controlled eating where you cut one-fourth of your normal junk food consumption.

Of course, that would be hard to think of but this is some of the rare things that must be done in a one-time-big-time basis. Nutritionists and therapy group facilitators think that engaging in controlled eating for five straight days would lead you into a self-diagnosis if you are just an emotional eater, a normal eater or a food addict. This is an important step because it will help you craft your own diet plan and also for you to know what other steps should be done.

#2 Adapt a Nutritarian eating style.

5 Simple yet Powerful Tips for a Food Addict Diet

It may be just a one-word diet plan but it sure is eating lifestyle-altering. We bet that you haven’t heard of the Nutritarian eating style. This diet plan is specially designed for people who are way above the normal weight threshold and for individuals who are more or less on the borderline of being addicts. This includes:

  • Avoiding processed and refined foods.
  • Avoiding excessive animal product.
  • Limiting salty foods.
  • Filling a significant portion of fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

Reading it may be easy-breezy but this eating style will really test you to the core, so prepare for it! This kind of diet plan basically includes a lot of eating greens and other veggies. This would require you to eat either of the following:

  • One big bowl of salad a day as your main dish
  • Eat one large serving of lightly steamed or blanched vegetable a day
  • Consume at least ¾ cups of beans a day
  • Eat 1 to 1.5 ounces of nuts a day
  • Have three fruits a day
  • Eat mushroom and onion every day

#3 Start by building a better breakfast.

By building a better breakfast we mean, a meal with one protein, one dairy, one fruit, and one grain. If you feel you can do this, start filling your grocery baskets with a lot of eggs, tofu raw, and apples. Be creative in building the superb breakfast for your food addict diet plan. You can start with these sample “better breakfast” menus.

So for Monday, you can go for two eggs, one medium-sized banana and low-fat milk. On Tuesdays, you can try three oatmeal cookies and skimmed milk or a cup of berries if you don’t feel like eating cookies in the morning. A cold cereal and skimmed milk is also a healthy breakfast choice.

#4 Go for a light lunch.

Just because you’re done with breakfast would mean that you can eat lunch right after. Brunch is not even an existing word here if you are on a mission to curb food addiction. Diet plan specialists and nutritionists point that all you need is a consistent light lunch. They also further claim that taking in a light lunch for seven days could really bring a lot of intense change in your eating pattern.

The best lunch should always be four hours after breakfast. A great healthy lunch should be composed of one protein and one fresh vegetable. For the protein, do not eat meat more than the size of your palm and the greens are always the best vegetables for lunch.

If you want tips on how to make one, you can check this video

 #5 Dive into a lighter dinner.


You have gone light for lunch and the goal for dinner is to go even lighter. For dinner, the best choice should always be one protein and one cooked vegetable. Pasta is great but make sure that you only get the normal portion. Adding white meat like chicken or turkey would truly suffice for the cravings that you will have after.

Dinners are always the ones we look forward to after work and buying unhealthy take-outs plus chips and soda would be the perfect comfort food for a hard day’s job. But not anymore because you can try these super easy recipes.

Beef and Vegetable Salad Bowl

Ingredients: 2 tbsp dry red quinoa; 2 cups mesclun greens; 3 oz lean beef (cubed); 1/2 cup chopped broccoli; 1/4 red bell pepper (chopped); 2 tsp olive oil; 1 tsp red wine vinegar

This recipe only requires cooking the quinoa and mixing the veggies and beef together. To top it off, whisk the olive oil and vinegar. This whole recipe totals to 395 calories per serving.

Baked Chicken with Mushrooms and Sweet Potato 1/2 skinless chicken breast


  •  1 cup baby mushrooms (Portobello; sliced)
  • One tbsp chives
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • One medium sweet potato

In a pan, put the chicken and top it with mushrooms, chives, and oil. Bake it in the oven for fifteen minutes (at 350°F). While you wait, put the sweet potato in a microwave for seven minutes. Wait until the chicken is done. This dish totals to 382 calories only.

Concluding Notes

Food addiction is real and the goal of this post is to wake you up with the idea that you might already be one without even knowing it. It is very important for you to follow a food addict diet whether or not you are already qualified as an addict.

The included tips for a food addict diet is applicable to anyone who ones a healthier lifestyle. The diet plan is there but the most common problem is to find that motivation to actually do it. So compose yourself, think of all the things you could do if you are healthier. It only takes jumping out of that bed and start a healthier eating pattern. We believe in you so you should start believing that you can too.

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