How to Help Seniors with Mobility Issues

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How to Help Seniors with Mobility Issues

Limited mobility can make day-to-day activities harder for seniors. However, this should not have to limit their freedom of what they wish to do. Not only immobility is problematic in the physical sense but also mentally. One does never hope to be frail and weak and needing constant support.

With age, our parents, grandparents, or even other loved ones end up with a body that isn’t as healthy as it used to be and to make their lives more enjoyable and comfortable, there are few things that you can incorporate.

Let’s get into all the things you could do to care for your seniors better.

Keep the home clean

A clutter-free home is essential for seniors — primarily if they use a crane, a wheelchair, or the best medical scooter.  Clear out all the pathways, and put away all the unnecessary and heavy furniture. To save from hazards,  make sure there aren’t any electrical cords lying around. You can even hire someone to do weekly cleaning for them.

Learn to carry

If you have someone, you need to help carry out of bed,  give them a lift, make sure that it is done, so that doesn’t hurt them. Firstly, you should keep yourself still and let them do all the bending. Do not bend too low to carry them out but be a study enough so that they can hold on to you can lift themselves. Be patient as you do this because if you seem irritated, it might make your loved ones upset. If the transfers are regular, then you should take classes to learn how to do that.

Prevent Further mobility loss

Your loved ones need to stay active, and you can make that happen by encouraging them to have a healthy lifestyle. They should exercise, go for a walk, stretch and have fun. If they can stand, it’s good they still have a lot of stamina to help them become better. If they can not, then they also do a lot while they are seated in their chair.

You can also talk to a doctor who might refer you to a physiotherapist who can make them exercise regularly. Moreover, they should also have healthy food that can make their muscles stronger. Do not worry if your loved one has an irreversible mobility condition; they can still prevent it from worsening.

Work on their interests

 As we mentioned earlier, that immobility can cause one’s mental health to be impacted. One could stay in bed and become very upset and lonely. If they love to draw, read, go outside, listen to music, watch some movies, cook or bake, they should do it! Take time out to do it with them. Make the process fun for them, and do not make it seem like a burden to you. Fun activities can be the perfect emotional outlet for someone undergoing depressive episodes because of their condition.

We hope your loved ones are safe, and with these tips, they live a more comfortable life.



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