When Should Women Consider Having Hair Transplant?

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When Should Women Consider Having Hair Transplant?

Many women commonly experience hair loss. Strong, beautiful, and thick hair have long been a symbol of beauty and femininity. Therefore, considering the societal pressures on women to look perfect and flawless, hair loss is perturbing. Women usually experience an overall thinning of hair rather than complete baldness. Although female hair transplant is not that common, there are certain instances in which it is a good option. Unlike men, women commonly experience diffuse hair loss, with no distinct pattern as happens in male pattern baldness. This means that women do not have stable or reliable donor areas. Even if those thinning hair follicles are transplanted to the balding regions, they will fall. Thus, it will make no difference.

However, as mentioned above, there are some women who can benefit from hair transplant surgery; for instance, those who’ve suffered from a traumatic injury or have experienced scalp burns. Other than that, women with alopecia marginalis (hair loss at the hairline and temples) and traction alopecia also make suitable candidates for hair restoration surgery. Many women end up feeling that their thinning hair is drawing negative attention towards them. It can make them feel anxious and terrified that someone may point out their flaws in an embarrassing manner. It is plain stressful. 

Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

There are many reasons why a woman may start experiencing excessive hair loss. It could be a genetic, seasonal, hormonal, nutritional, environmental, or physical health issue. However, before deciding whether or not you need a hair transplant, you need to understand if your hair loss is going to be permanent or only temporary. For that, you need to get the help of a medical doctor. There’s no way that you should rely on a diagnosis given by a simple internet search. Only a medical professional can say with certainty the reason behind your hair loss.

It could be that you’re losing your hair as a result of zinc or iron deficiency. First, your blood sample will be taken. If your doctor confirms this to be the case, you can use supplements to overcome this deficiency. It is quite likely that your hair loss will decrease afterward. Therefore, in such a case, there’s no need for a hair transplant surgery as the condition is only temporary. Your hair will grow back within 3 months. Vitamins can promote hair growth while making them stronger. But you need to consult your doctor about their intake.

If the reason behind your hair loss is stress, in that case too, your hair will start growing back, once the stressful event has passed. For this, your doctor can suggest you have PRP injections as they can help quicken the hair growth cycle. However, there’s no need for you to have a hair transplant for this.

Genetic hair loss is troublesome as there’s no medicine to cure it. You can hardly do much to stop the process. It is going to happen, no matter what. Eventually, you’ll notice that you’re losing more and more hair with less and less of them growing back. Accompanying hair loss can be miniaturization. Each time when a hair falls, it will grow back slower and thinner than it used to be. Thinning can cause increased breakage. You’ll find it hard to grow your hair back using any other means than hair transplant surgery.

Surely, you can take some medicines to slow down the process. Some people even take supplements for that purpose. However, these will not be effective in the long run. If there’s no chance for your hair growing back, you can consider hair transplant surgery. Make sure to search for a safe, affordable, and good hair transplant clinic online that promises nothing but the best treatment and results. There are many techniques available for female hair transplant.

Concluding Remarks

Our hair is something that imbues us with grace and beauty. Still, some people can easily rock a shaved head. However, if you feel like you need to get your hair back while you’re suffering from female pattern baldness, traction alopecia, alopecia marginalis, etc., you can consider a hair transplant. It is one of the most effective solutions for permanent hair loss.

There should not be any stigma surrounding the idea that a woman is getting a hair transplant. You do what makes you feel good. If a hair transplant is what you think you need, then start looking up for a clinic. Soon, you’ll have your luscious locks back.

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