How To Avoid The “Windswept Look” and Bad Facelift Results

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How To Avoid The “Windswept Look” and Bad Facelift Results

If you have been looking at yourself in the mirror and you feel like the image isn’t you anymore, perhaps you will be tempted to begin exploring anti-aging solutions. Like a good home that you’ve taken care of for ages, nothing lasts forever, and remodeling could be an ideal solution for you. Similarly, your face could use some touch-up, which brings us to the main agenda: facelifts. More people are beginning to accommodate the idea of cosmetic surgical intervention as the perfect anti-aging solution. Nonetheless, there is a prevalent fear of botched results. Fortunately, these tips will help you avoid the windswept look and bad facelift results.

Make an informed decision

Apart from facelifts, other non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments could restore your youthful appearance. Explore all your options and familiarize yourself with all it takes to undergo every procedure. Facelifts are invasive treatments that tighten the skin, re-position muscles, and restore youthful appearances. Consider talking to professionals about the surgery before deciding. Once you are decided about taking a facelift, you might want to take the next precautions to avoid a botched result.

Select the right facial cosmetic surgeon

Highly experienced cosmetic surgeons will rarely deliver disappointing results. Heartbreaking and awful facelifts often result from a practitioner’s inadequate experience in procuring the surgeries. As the adage goes, “Practice makes perfect,” so does it apply in cosmetic surgery. Consider taking your time to track down a qualified facial plastic surgeon with immense experience in procuring facelifts.

This step involves asking your family, friends, co-workers, and primary doctor for trusted recommendations on an excellent cosmetic surgeon. Proceed to confirm their eligibility in various state accreditation boards and cross out any surgeon without papers. Set up appointments with the prospective cosmetic surgeons and inquire about all your pain points and concerns. Ask for a portfolio of all their previously procured facelifts. Go the extra mile and ask for clientele references that will help you confirm the cosmetic surgeon’s skills and abilities, particularly in attending to facelifts.

Using the right technique

Techniques are entirely dependent on the abilities of your chosen facial plastic surgeon. However, it would be better if you could take your time to educate and enlighten yourself about various techniques used in procuring facelifts. Some facelifts techniques include thread lift, SMAS lift, the traditional facelift, and skin-only lift, among others. According to statistics, the SMAS facelift technique, also known as Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System facelift, rarely delivers bad results when correctly employed. The technique targets the underlying layer of the skin’s connective tissues, tighten it, and envelopes it along with the facial muscles.

Normally, the SMAS facelift results in long-lasting effects with firmer soft skin and tissues underneath. Dr. Baker, a facial plastic surgeon specializing in facelift Miami techniques, goes into detail regarding facelift surgery, including the recovery process related to such an operation.

Technology employed

Advanced technology in cosmetic surgery is designed to make treatments better and easier. Plastic facial surgeons now have the luxury to study your face and its features, modify your looks, and consult with you before the surgery. Tools used during surgery must be modern to improve the experience for both the surgeon and the patient. Your chances of overdone results reduce significantly if your chosen facility and surgeon employ technology when procuring the facelifts. When selecting a place and surgeon for your facelift, consider inquiring if they use modern tools, equipment, and techniques during surgery. This could mean a huge difference between traditional and contemporary operations.

Seek second opinions

Don’t be afraid to explore your options and seek second opinions from other clinics and professionals. A good clinic should hand you multiple options to help you achieve your desires. However, if the clinic only offers one treatment to a problem, seek a second option elsewhere. Ensure that you are choosing the most effective facelift technique and treatment for your case. You might be surprised at how word of mouth works wonders.

Be honest

Typically, it’s rare for someone who has never had any surgical facial rejuvenation to get overdone results after their first facial lift. Even with a heavy-handed facial cosmetic surgeon, the probability of a first botched facelift is immensely low.

This gives you more reasons, to be honest, and frank about your medical history and previous cosmetic surgeons. Every professional and dedicated cosmetic surgeon wants to give his or her patients a natural, desirable, and long-lasting younger look.

It’s important to disclose if you’ve had a facelift or facial rejuvenation before. This should help the surgeon assess your facial features better and find the best technique to help you restore your youthful look. Many botched facelifts occur as a result of an aggressive approach on a face that has had a facial lift in the past without a surgeon’s knowledge. Ensure that you find a friend in your preferred surgeon for more open communication.

Be open to additional treatments

Depending on your aging effects, facial structures, facial contour, and general bodyweight, you might need additional treatments other than the facelift to compliment the surgery and achieve a natural look. Only a qualified facial plastic surgeon can analyze your face and advise the best way forward. Additional treatments may include a rhinoplasty, fat injection, neck lift, lip enhancement, and other facial rejuvenation treatments. During the assessment, the surgeon may or may not find you an excellent candidate for a facial lift. Take that leap of faith and trust in your cosmetic surgeon.

Are you ready to follow the above-discussed tips and avoid getting a botched and windswept appearance after your facelift? The most important tip here is to find a well experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon who has handled numerous facelift procedures in the past. Also, don’t be afraid to ask all your questions and have the surgeon straighten them up. Until you unwrap those bandages from the facial lift surgery, all the best and quick recovery!

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