What Is DHT’s Role In Baldness and How To Treat It Naturally?

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What Is DHT’s Role In Baldness and How To Treat It Naturally?

Baldness is a typical issue that a great many people will experience to some degree. In the United States alone, 50 million men will endure some kind of male hair loss or hair thinning and shockingly, 30 million ladies will be affected also.

One of the main causes of hair loss and hair thinning is DHT. By blocking DHT you can prevent hair loss, thinning and promote hair growth for both men and women.

Have you heard of DHT?

DHT is one of the main reasons why both men and women experience hair loss and hair thinning. DHT is short for dihydrotestosterone. It is formed from testosterone and is converted into DHT through the enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase. Testosterone an important hormone for both men and women.

So how does the DHT affect hair loss?

DHT actually binds to the receptors in your hair follicles causing them to shrink, weakened, and eventually die. This is called miniaturization and it results in hair thinning and eventually falling out. But what can you do to stop DHT and promote growth?

Here are some serums, hair masks and powders you can make to stop DHT along with some valuable hair care tips.

Make Topical Pumpkin Seed Oil Serum

Pumpkin seed oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.  It does this by lowering the androgen (male hormone, DHT) activity, taming inflammation, decreasing the constriction of blood vessels in the scalp, and replacing the elements necessary for hair regrowth.

  1. Grab a pumpkin (ideally a Styrian) and separate the seeds from pulp and fibers.
  2. Roast the seeds at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for a few minutes. (Don’t burn them!).
  3. Using a mortar and pestle, firmly press the oil out of the seeds and collect it in an airtight vessel.
  4. Don’t want to extract your own oil? You can purchase pumpkin seed oil.
  5. Once you have the pumpkin seed oil, then, shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo.
  6. Do not put the pumpkin seed in your hair after you shampoo. Slightly warm up the pumpkin seed oil.
  7. Try out a few drops on your finger to make sure it’s not too hot.  You don’t want to burn your scalp.
  8. Wet your hair under the sink.
  9. Dry up in a towel so it’s not soaking wet.
  10. Then massage the warm oil into your scalp.
  11. Wrap up your hair for 8-10 minutes.
  12. Afterward, take off the towel.
  13. Shampoo your head with the mild shampoo to get everything out.
  14. Condition your hair.
  15. Naturally dry, and then you’re done!
  16. Comb and style.

 Make Argania Spinosa Kernel Argan Oil Serum

This is a fruit and provides Argan Oil, which of course is excellent for hair. Argan Oil has Oleic Acid & Linoleic Acid, which can block DHT growth.

Do hair treatments with this oil.

  1. Using both of your hands, massage 10 to 12 drops of argan oil into your hair.  (It depends on your length of hair)
  2. Afterward, focus on the scalp.  Massage the oil into the and scalp.
  3. Use as much as you need.  (It depends on your length of hair.)
  4. Keep on kneading your hair and scalp for 10 minutes, guaranteeing your hair is secured from roots to closes.
  5. Wrap your hair in a towel or hair wrap or aluminum foil (old school, but very effective) and leave it on while you go to sleep.
  6. In the morning wash your hair with mild shampoo and care and style your hair as you normally do every day.

 Make a Rosemary Oil Hair Mask

Rosemary Oil is one of the best natural blockers of DHT oil out there, and there was a great study done on mice that proved its effects on hair.  According to a study that was done, rosemary oil performed as well as minoxidil.  Minoxidil is an ingredient used frequently to promote hair growth treatment.

  1. Mix 3-4 drops of rosemary oil with olive oil
  2. After you mix it then apply it to your scalp.
  3. Keep it on for 10 to 12 minutes.
  4. Then wash it out with a mild shampoo.

Make Reishi Mushroom Powder

A study found that reishi mushrooms significantly reduced levels of 5-alpha reductase, preventing the conversion of testosterone into the more potent DHT. High levels of DHT are a risk factor for conditions such as hair thinning, and baldness.

  1. First, you must try to dry the mushrooms as much as possible
  2. Laying them in the sun or in front of a warm sunny window.
  3. You can use a coffee grinder, chopper or blender to break them up into a powder.
  4. Then include it into a drink or smoothie.

Hair Care Tips

  • When you wash your hair regularly you help prevent hair loss by keeping the scalp and hair clean.
  • Try not to brush your hair when it’s wet. Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet. So, hold back to brush your hair. On the off chance that you need to brush your hair, at that point utilize a wide-toothed brush.
  • Try not to brush your hair too much throughout the day. This can hurt the hair and cause hair loss. Try using your fingers to get rid of tangles. Do not use a brush or comb.
  • Try not to blow dry your hair all the time. This will cause your hair to become dry and sadly cause breakage. Try to let your hair dry naturally.
  • According to Hair Restoration Laboratories, when purchasing a mild shampoo consider a natural one that has many DHT blockers in it.  Don’t forget to check out the ingredients on the back of the bottle before you buy it. Also, if it’s something you cannot pronounce then it probably isn’t good for you.


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