Here’s Why You Should Get over Being Ashamed to Talk About These Three Issues

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Here’s Why You Should Get over Being Ashamed to Talk About These Three Issues

It is all very hush-hush. It is only mentioned in whispers, off the record, on the QT. No one wants to say it aloud or have it traced back to them. There is all manner of issues that fall into this category.

We just don’t seem to be able to mature enough as a species to talk about certain bodily functions openly without snickering or blushing with embarrassment. Did you want an example? Fine! Flatulence. Okay, I said it. Get over it! 

Why is this so hard to address? Everybody has it from time to time, and for some, it is anything but a laughing matter. It might even be a sign of a serious health issue. If you experience that issue, you know that it can also be the harbinger of serious social issues.

Everyone is laughing except you. It is associated with an awkward sound and a bad smell. It can cast a dark haze over a social situation and kill the mood in a romantic encounter. Furthermore, it is absolutely worth talking about with a straight face and no shaming. But we can’t seem to do it. Here are a few other issues that deserve better:

Chronic Pain

No one wants to admit to having chronic pain because it sounds like an admission of weakness. People who have never had chronic pain have a hard time imagining how bad it really is. Rather than seeing you as a hero who bears massive amounts of pain bravely, they see you as a whiner who just can’t take what others easily bear. There is little wonder that so many sufferers keep it to themselves. They try to manage it with over-the-counter medicine because they don’t risk their doctor treating them the same way as everyone else.

Before remaining silent and allowing the pain to drive you mad, you should consider the benefits of CBD products. Not only will your doctor understand what you are going through, but they will also possibly even recommend some type of CBD-based solution. They will have seen many patients who suffer as you do. And they will be able to offer advice based on what has been effective for other patients. Your doctor is not the only person likely to understand. Many of your friends might quietly suffer as you do and will appreciate you coming forward and doing your part to destigmatize the condition. Sometimes, getting over the shame is harder than getting over the pain.


It is not a particularly funny-sounding word. Yet, when you say something about constipation out loud, you become the butt of mindless jokes. IBS, however, is no joke. It comes in two forms that no one wants to talk about. There is IBS-D for diarrhea and IBS-C for constipation. By the way, IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. Bowel movements also belong in the category of things no one wants to talk about out loud.

Server IBS is torment in any form. There is no cure for IBS. There is also no clear diagnosis for it. IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion. That means you are likely to suffer for some time before getting the diagnosis and finding a treatment that actually reduces the symptoms. Another thing that makes it hard to diagnose is that patients don’t want to talk about constipation, even to their doctor. You would be surprised at how many people suffer from this ailment. Your coworkers could recommend a good doctor if you could just talk about it without shame. You are most certainly not alone. Don’t suffer needlessly. 

Erectile Dysfunction

No man wants to talk to anyone about not being able to get and maintain an erection. For some reason, the size and turgid nature of a man’s penis have become one of the defining attributes of what makes a real man. This foolishness must die the bad death it deserves. There can be real medical problems associated with blood flow. If you are not getting enough blood flow, there are bigger issues at stake than your ego. Be honest with your partner. Then have a grownup conversation with your doctor.

Chronic pain, constipation, and erectile dysfunction are not jokes. Get over it. Get help. And have a better, happier, and healthier life. 


Stacey Chillemi

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