Growing the Best Herbs for Healing

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Growing the Best Herbs for Healing

All you need is a small space in your kitchen window and you can have your very own natural medicine cabinet. Many people keep store-bought cough syrup, sleeping aids, and pain relievers on hand to deal with all of life’s aches and pains, but there is a better way to be prepared for the inevitable. A little bit of honey and lemon does wonders for sore throats and eating just one clove of garlic a day can keep you as healthy as a horse. Check out for more suggestions on plant-based remedies for common aches, pains, and ailments. For the best herbs, you can grow and use for healing purposes right in your own home, continue reading.

lavender oil


It smells good, and in addition to making your home smell more inviting to your guests, it also works to keep pests at bay. Lavender has traditionally been used as a component in homemade household cleaners for hundreds of years. Add a few drops of lavender oil in the wash to make your linens smell great and help alleviate headaches while you sleep. Growing lavender is also quite simple. This herb needs very little water to thrive, so misting it is a great way to keep it hydrated without overwhelming its roots system. Not only will your kitchen smell lovely with lavender growing in it, it will also look like a home that is filled with lots of love and wisdom.



Peppermint can make you feel more invigorated but, more importantly, it is an essential ingredient in fighting the common cold. This herb makes a great soothing tea that will make your throat feel less irritated when you have a persistent cough. Grow peppermint in your kitchen, then keep a good amount of the dried herb on hand for teas, tinctures, and infusions that will make your entire home smell amazing. Feel free to drink several cups of peppermint tea a day to help keep you feeling energized.

How to Grow Basil


While no proper Italian meal can be made without a sprig of fresh basil, this herb actually has medicinal properties that may also improve your quality of life. Basil makes a great antiseptic, so you can put it on a cut or puncture wound right away and expedite the healing process. If you have loss of appetite, basil can help you to feel more like your regular self again and naturally coax you into eating a healthy meal. Basil is also fast growing, so a small plant can be used for both food and medicinal purposes at the same time.

Keep an herb box in every window of your home so that you have access to all the plants you need to stay healthy. Having both the fresh and dried version of healing herbs will also help you to make up concoctions that will keep your stomach settled and your head clear. Once you start growing these healing herbs, you’ll just need to give them water, sunlight, and love, and they’ll keep growing for years and years.

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