Breast Lift VS Breast Augmentation – What You Should Know

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Breast Lift VS Breast Augmentation – What You Should Know

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that consists of the insertion of an implant under the breast to increase the volume and correct its shape. The most frequent candidates are women with naturally small breast or women that lost their amount after weight loss or pregnancy.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Samuel Ho at Allure Plastic Surgery, the only proven way for permanent breast augmentation is through operation from the field of plastic surgery. Breast augmentation by placing implants is an aesthetic correction for achieving a tight, well-rounded, and fuller bust.

The plastic surgeon determines the size and shape of implants while taking in mind the individual physical characteristics of the patient, the initial size and shape of the breast, as well as the skin elasticity.

Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

A breast lift and breast augmentation are quite different procedures. A Breast lift is also popular as a mastopexy. A breast reduction procedure removes a lot of breast tissue and it’s very similar to a mastopexy. A breast lift normally consists of removing enough tissue that needs to get the nipple-areolar complex.

This procedure will make the breast rounder and fuller. A right candidate for a breast lift will be a patient who is not looking for extra volume in the breasts but has got ptosis or sagging of the breast. Breast lifting can be done by using multiple ways or different types of incisions where the skin is getting tightened which means removing some of the breast skin in different scar patterns to live this position of the nipple and reshape the breast overall.

The patient who would like similar shape breasts but fuller and rounder might be an appropriate candidate for a breast lift.

Breast augmentation in Singapore is a procedure for enlarging breast size using breast implants. The usual breast augmentation is either to someone who was born with a genetically small breast called hipomastiha, or to recover that has been lost which is usually due to deflation after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Implants can be in all different shapes, sizes, widths, different heights, and projection, which gives the appearance of larger breasts. The patient who is looking for more volume and who desires to transform the shape and to uplift the breasts will be a good candidate for breast implants.

Difference between the breast implants

There are two types of breast implants – silicone and saline. The gel that makes silicone implant out of is a cohesive gel. This kind of implant has a more solid form of silicon and it is, therefore, unlikely to leak if the implant cracks. The silicone implants come in a variety of shapes. These are also slightly heavier and denser than other types.

Saline implants can be filled to the desired size during insertion, which allows smaller incisions for implant insertion and easier regulation of implant size. If saline implant cracks or leaks, it is easily noticeable as the volume of the breast decreases very quickly. If a leak occurs saline is being completely absorbed by the body and is released naturally. Saline implants feel stiffer than natural breast tissue, especially if they are filled to the limit of their lining.

All breast implants are made of materials that have been researched and considered to be safe for placement in the body. The implants normally have smooth or textured silicone outside. The shape of implants can be round or natural teardrop. Each type has a different appeal. The various shapes and sizes of the implants allow any woman who desires better breasts to accomplish optimal and long-lasting results.

Where is a breast implant placed?

There are two different placement options: over the muscle, also known as subglandular placement and under the muscle, or submuscular placement. Where the breast implant will be positioned depends on the body type, the size and the type of the implant, and the individual patent’s goals, and desires.

A patient who has natural breast tissue, natural fat, and plenty of tissue coverage is good enough to do breast augmentation over the muscle. Somebody who has an empty breast or flat chest, and doesn’t have a lot of tissue to hide the implant is better to do breast augmentation under the muscle. A high number of women presenting for breast augmentation are small breasted, many are skinny, and their skin is not good enough to hide an implant.

There are three methods to put a breast implant in. First of them is under the breast (at the bottom of the breast), the second one is around the edge of the nipple-areola, and the last one is in the armpit. Which option will be used normally depends on a series of factors such as the patient’s body composition, the model of the implant, etc. It’s normally discussed with the plastic surgeon.

Breast augmentation surgery is the most effective way for women who want to renew their breast shape and size.

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