6 Ways a Bedroom Set Can Lighten Up Your Room

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6 Ways a Bedroom Set Can Lighten Up Your Room

The right bedroom furniture can give your room a light, airy ambiance. When you bring more light into your bedroom, it can help you feel more cheerful and banish gloomy thoughts. So, use these six tricks to maximize the light with the bedroom set you choose.

Metallic Accents

Metallic home décor brings some brilliant shimmer into your bedroom. Of course, you could put small metallic accessories in your room. But another way to introduce shining silver highlights is with your bedroom set. Consider furniture like the Cassimore North Shore Pearl Silver Panel Bedroom Set, which features silver trim and detailing as well as a pearl silver finish.

Open Design

A bedroom set with an open design minimizes shadows in your room. Choose posts that aren’t too high or thick. And, if you prefer a canopy bed, choose one that has an elegant open framework that not only lets light pass around the room but also brings attention away from the floor. You can find many 1StopBedrooms bedrooms sets that have this kind of open design, whether they include a canopy bed, a panel bed, or a poster bed.

Bright Hardware

Bright hardware gives your bedroom a little extra flash and dazzle. Some kinds of hardware that stand out are nickel-plated or chrome handles and pulls. These small components aren’t going to make a dark bedroom into a haven of light. But they are a nice, light addition to any bedroom set.

Mirrored Surfaces

Mirrors are great for reflecting light. Chances are, you will get at least one mirror for your bedroom, even if it’s just the one that is a part of your dresser. However, some furniture sets have other mirrored surfaces. For example, you may want a set that has mirrors made into the nightstand tops. Some sets have an optional decorative wall mirror as well.

Open Book Shelves

For a lighter bedroom, any shelves you have should be open. If you choose a bookcase headboard, avoid those that hold the books behind wooden doors. Ideally, the bookcase will go across the entire headboard to create a more horizontal space that lets in more light.

Light-Colored Neutral Finish

Vivid colors can be beautiful, but white finishes are better when a lighter bedroom is your goal. Light or white colors always help reflect the light around your room. The finish can be pure white, but it doesn’t have to be. It can simply be a light-colored neutral color like a pearl, light beige, or cream. These colors give your room a subtle brightness that can lighten up your space. One thing to remember is that both glossy and matte finishes can reflect light. The glossy type creates highlights, while the matte type spreads light evenly around the room.

Of all the décor choices you can make for your bedroom, the furniture you choose can make the biggest difference in the lightness of your room. Choose furniture that reflects light through its finish, trim, mirrors, and design to have a lighter, brighter bedroom.

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