5 Benefits of Echinacea

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5 Benefits of Echinacea

Echinacea has numerous health and wellbeing benefits and can really help you get fitter and feel better and also aid your immune system. If you don’t believe us read on. 

Echinacea Fights the Flu

While for some, catching the flu is inconvenient, others find that this illness is life-threatening. While the flu vaccine is something to receive every year, drinking tea with Echinacea present may be effective in reducing how long your symptoms last. If you are not sick, you should still stock up on Echinacea tea, as it can reduce your chances of catching the flu by 58%. If you do end up with this illness, Echinacea can lower the duration of symptoms by 1-4 days. Taking Echinacea tea with a flu vaccine may even aid it in being more helpful in not catching the illness.

You can even grow your own echinacea and make your own tea. Find out more on Gardenerspath.com.

Echinacea Helps Control Your Blood Sugar

Are you diabetic or prediabetic? If so, Echinacea is a wonderful addition to your diet. Why? The unique antioxidant properties it contains is helpful in keeping your blood sugar from spiking. Hypoglycemics can also benefit from these properties as they stop blood sugar from dropping. While it shouldn’t be a replacement for treatments, such as insulin therapy or watching your carbohydrate intake, Echinacea can certainly aid in managing your blood sugar levels.

Echinacea Promotes Healthy Cell Growth

Food, as well as herbal remedies, containing antioxidants,  can assist your body in repairing cells. Free radicals, or toxins, age, and damage the cells in our body prematurely, and antioxidants help to fight these toxins. Echinacea contains powerful antioxidants that can help the body repair cells and grow healthy new ones. Indeed, a tea containing Echinacea can be quite helpful as a high-quality supplement.

Echinacea May Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Echinacea is a wonderful addition to the diet of any individual living with cancer. Cancer treatments can weaken the immune system as well as negatively affect healthy cells. Therefore, drinking Echinacea tea may help to counter these effects of cancer treatment.

Studies have shown that Echinacea itself may prove to be an effective means of treating cancer. Why? Because Echinacea extracts slow down malevolent tumor cell growth and cancer’s ability to keep spreading. While more information must be garnered from additional studies, taking Echinacea in regularly may serve as a preventative measure for women with family histories of breast cancer.

Echinacea Helps with Anxiety Management

As a supplement for anxiety, Echinacea was tested and has proven to be successful. The extracts of Echinacea work to repair communication between the brain and body. While it cannot turn off the “fear reflex” of those who suffer from anxiety, it certainly can aid the body and help the individual to feel a greater sense of calm.

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