12 Skincare Tips You Must Follow Every day

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12 Skincare Tips You Must Follow Every day

Who doesn’t want to have flawless skin? Everyone as skin free from the crease, cracks, wrinkles, etc. glows in such a way that it makes you look beautiful even without makeup. The skin tone doesn’t matter what matters is the texture of your skin, but to have perfect silky soft skin, you need to take some extra effort. It is not difficult to do, and you can easily achieve fabulous skin.

However, for this, you need to follow skin care routines that suit your skin type.

Drive through the write-up and learn the 12 skin care tips that if followed every day will make your dream of having great skin will come true.


Remove the makeup before going to bed at night

You must always make it a point to remove any makeup, even eyeliner or lip color, before going to bed at night. The reason behind this is that the makeup products will clog your pores by getting pushed deeper into the skin. Furthermore, the makeup will also keep the dead cells of your skin remain on the surface, and this might break out fine lines. To remove your makeup, you do not need to rinse the face with water if you are feeling exhausted, take micellar water, and dip a cotton pad into it, then put it gently on your face and wipe out all the makeup. You may also use a towelette or any other natural oil, such as olive oil, vitamin E oil, etc.

sun protection

Use SPF or UV sunscreen face cream

Whenever moving out of your house, you must make it a habit of using a high-quality SPF face cream that will take care of your screen from the exposure of sunlight. Tanning is something that can make your skin dull and dry, so even if you are moving out for five minutes do not forget to use sunscreen lotion on the body and an SPF cream on your face.

Also, just by looking for the best indoor tanning lotion and following the instructions they give, you can achieve the perfect tan without exposing yourself to the sun and at the commodity of your home. Cheer up and don’t wait until summer to have flawless and glowy skin

Do not prick nails on blemishes

Many of you develop the habit of touching the spots or blemishes on your face with your fingers. Even some of you enjoy pricking your nails into a pimple or touch the blackhead now and then with your fingers. This thing must be avoided as it drives the bacteria present on the fingers or on the nails to get further in the skin. This may lead to inflammation or even redness of the skin.

Gently exfoliate your skin daily

Whether it is your feet or even the bottom area of your eyes, you need to exfoliate the skin gently every day. This will make your skin clean by cleansing any dirt or oil and will remove the dead skin from the surface of your skin. However, it is necessary to use high-quality exfoliate cream which is meant especially for a particular type of skin. For instance, you must use exfoliate eye cream for the areas around your eyes.

insomnia sleep

Sleep well

It is important to have a sound sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours every day if you want your skin to glow. This way you shut down the connection of yourself and the body, thereby giving ample time to the skin to repair on its own.


Always be hydrated

The lack of water in your body can lead to dull and dry skin. Hence, if you want to avoid it, you must make sure to drink plenty of water that keeps you hydrated and retains the moisture of your skin. This skin care tip will also keep your hair strong and nourished.

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Add antioxidants to your food

You must try to eat more green leafy vegetables and many fruits that have antioxidants. The dark circles, brown eyes and other blemishes will not grow as fast as it can. You must also enhance the citrus fruit intake in your body as it will take care of skin health. The ascorbic acid or Vitamin C will minimize the damaging effects of free radicals and will work as an anti-aging agent.

Use moisturizer at night

You must always apply moisturizer at night on your skin, as it helps in retaining the softness of your skin. However, it is important to buy premium quality moisturizers which are oil-free and doesn’t make your face and body oily. Please use a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Do regular workout and exercises

Using a toner will never make your body toned the way workout and exercise will do. That is why it is important to practice yoga, do a workout, go to a gym regularly, and do fitness exercises daily if you want your body to remain healthy and toned. You must not apply a moisturizer before or after a workout and apply only a toner which is SD alcohol 40 free, as it will minimize the oil production before exercise.

Avoid using soaps on your face

It is important to understand that the soaps, when used on the face, can dry the skin of your face. Therefore, you must try rinsing your face whenever possible as it will clean all the dirt from your face and will not let the unwanted oil settle on the skin.

Use natural scrubbers to clean your skin

Whether it is the skin on your face or your body, you need to scrub it with natural scrubbers, such as olive oil, honey, brown sugar, cucumber, etc. You must ensure that even if you are using scrubbers available in the online stores then prefer buying the one which is made of natural ingredients. These days you can find some of the finest skin care natural creams on Fabulive makeup stores.

face mask

Use a face mask once a week

If you want a glowy skin, which doesn’t look very oily, then you must try using a clay mask or any other healthy face mask once a week. On your nose and your chin, you must use detoxing clay whereas on the dry areas use a moisturizing mask. This way your skin will remain soft and well moisturized.


If you are someone who wants to enhance the beauty of your skin, then the tips as mentioned earlier will help you a lot in maintaining your skin tone and texture. You can also look for skin care products on the Fabulive makeup store, and the skincare tutorials available on Fabulive will also help you in making your skin have a radiant glow.

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