Home remedies for common conditions that cause impotence

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Home remedies for common conditions that cause impotence

There are many common conditions that cause impotence as a side effect.

I do not intend to go over every common condition in this article that could cause impotence.  I will discuss the most common conditions and suggest home remedies or herbal remedies that may help.

In my previous articles, I have already discussed the importance of improving your lifestyle.  There are many lifestyle changes you can make to help overcome impotence.

If you are overweight, then you need to take up exercise.  If you are always tired and stressed, then you need to learn to relax and get more sleep.

Common conditions that cause impotence

Diabetes and Impotence

There are quite a few herbs that are believed to help control blood sugar levels, including Peruvian Yacon plants.  You can grow them or take Peruvian Yacon supplements.

Bitter gourd or karela is also effective for reducing sugar levels in your blood and urine, so you should eat them often and take a least one tablespoon of karela juice every day.

Mix the two teaspoons of fenugreek powder with milk or water before drinking the mixture, because it is once again a natural solution for reducing blood sugar levels.



  • 8oz glass of milk or water
  • 1 tablespoon of Bitter gourd or karela juice
  • 2 teaspoons of  fenugreek powder


Mix all the ingredients within with the milk or water.  Then drink it.

High blood pressure

There are a number of herbs that can help to reduce high blood pressure that range from something as simple as garlic to more exotic herbal remedies such as arjuna bark, Indian snakeroot, and Yarrow.

Kidney disease

There are several herbs that when combined together can help to alleviate the worst effects of kidney disease.  While helping to cleanse and heal your kidneys at the same time.

These herbs are couch grass (diuretic), uva ursi (antiseptic and astringent), horsetail (astringent that is high in silica), parsley (an excellent diuretic), nettle (increases the elimination of waste products and high in nutrients), and maize silk (high in vitamin K. and potassium, reduces chronic inflammation).

It is unlikely that even a combination of such effective herbs is going to cure any kidney disease that you have, you must consult your medical attendant before taking them, but if you are able to do so, this combination can go a considerable way to alleviating the worst of your kidney problems.

These three common conditions are generally believed to be the ones with the highest incidence of impotence appearing as a direct result of the malady.

There is no medical reason why you cannot ‘self dose’ with the herbal remedies shown in this article.  This could reduce the severity of the condition that is the root cause of your impotence (erectile dysfunction) problem in a completely natural and organic way.

Stacey Chillemi


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