6 Effective Ear Infection Remedies

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6 Effective Ear Infection Remedies

Ear infections occur in different parts of the ear: the inner, middle, and outer ear. To treat an ear infection, you must understand its cause.

Middle Ear Infection – Otitis

This condition mostly affects children but adults can also get it. The condition occurs when the Eustachian tube gets inflamed from allergies or common cold then fluid builds up in the middle ear. When fluid sits there, it can cause a bacterial or viral infection. The following are the symptoms of otitis:

  • Fever
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Balance problems

Outer Ear Infection

Also known as swimmer’s ear, this infection is usually caused by bacterial infection of the skin that covers the ear canal. You can get this infection if you put things inside your ear canal or swim a lot. Avoid putting things such as earbuds inside your ear canal. The symptoms of swimmer’s ear include:

  • Hearing problems
  • Pus in the ear
  • Itching
  • Mild or severe pain
  • Inflammation and redness

Inner Ear Infection

Although rare, these infections are caused by viruses. This infection is mostly characterized as the inflammation of the inner ear structures. The inflammation of these structures causes dizziness, the ringing of the ears, and vertigo. Symptoms such as vomiting and fever might also be present.

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Ear Infection Remedies

Here are 6 natural ways to to get rid of an ear infection:

Warm oil for ear infection

For middle ear pain that does not include an eardrum perforation, you should drip warm vegetable or olive oil inside your ear canal and hold it in place with a cotton ball. Doing so will ease the pain in your ear.

Chiropractic treatment for ear infection

You can visit a chiropractor to treat your middle ear infections. However, the research on this treatment option has mixed results. Moreover, this unproven treatment might worsen your injury.

Garlic oil for ear infection

According to some anecdotal testimonies, garlic oil poured straight into the ear canal is effective for the treatment of infections of the middle and outer ear. You should try it for yourself to see whether it will work.

Myringotomy for ear infection

This treatment is used on newborns, people with low immunity, and infants. It involves a small incision made in the eardrum to drain pus and relieve pain. This might seem like an extreme treatment option but some doctors still use it.

Less pressure for ear infection

Parents of children with ear infections have noted that sleeping with the painful ear up helps to manage the pain. For instance, if your right ear is infected, you should try to sleep on your left ear to prevent further pain on the right side.

Cold or warm compress for fluid

Using a warm or cold compress on your ear might help your ear pain. If you like, you should alternate between a warm and cold compress. Doing so will relieve pain quickly.

Over the counter meds

According to a specialist ENT doctor, pain management at home will allow your body to fight the infection on its own. However, if your middle ear infection is not showing signs of improvement after three days of pain management, you should visit a Shelton ENT doctor.

When to Call a Doctor

Some inner ear infection symptoms might be similar to those of a stroke. If you have a headache, changes in vision, weakness on one side, vomiting, inability to walk, fever, and slurred speech, you should see a doctor immediately.


The above natural remedies might come in handy if you are suffering from an ear infection. However, you should consult your doctor first. 


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