5 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

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5 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

We have all heard about the foods that we should steer clear of when we are aiming for healthy teeth. From chocolate to orange juice, sugary and acidic foods have long been known to cause extreme damage to our teeth. However, there are certain foods which can do more good than harm when it comes to our dental health, and you should aim to include these into your diet if you are aiming for long-term oral care.

However, a good diet does not substitute visiting the dentist, and you should ensure that you do this annually. For dentists looking for the best products to use for their patients, Kent Express sells high-quality dental supplies that can help you to care for your patient’s teeth effectively. It is important to communicate with your dental practice to ensure that they provide you with the best equipment for your needs.



There is another reason why cheese makes for a popular after dinner dessert, and that is its potential benefits to your teeth. Cheese and other dairy products can help to protect your teeth and reverse the damage of sugary foods that you have just eaten. This is because eating cheese creates saliva in your mouth, which is filled with minerals that protect your teeth. Not only this, but cheese also helps to balance your pH levels and stop acid erosion, as well as naturally being filled with calcium to strengthen your teeth.


Broccoli and other crunchy foods are excellent for your teeth as crunching these help to remove the bacteria stuck to your teeth. Due to the intense chewing involved when eating broccoli, this will automatically clean your teeth and massage your gums whilst you are eating it.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables have varied effects, even though the fruit itself can be damaging to your teeth when eaten in high quantities due to its natural sugar content. For example, strawberries contain malic acid, a natural tooth whitener, and apples help to neutralize your pH level. Not only this, but fruit and vegetables which contain fiber are excellent for helping to clean your teeth through their ability to produce saliva.

green tea

Green Tea

Green and black tea contains polyphenols which help to reduce the number of plaque bacteria in your mouth. This can both prevent and attack existing bacteria in your mouth. Tea also contains water, which may have fluoride in it depending on your location, which naturally helps to keep your teeth clean and bacteria-free.

Sugarless Gum

Although gum may be drilled into you as being the worst type of food on the list, sugarless gum can do wonders for your teeth. Like fruit and vegetables, this is due to the chewing motion that you perform when you eat it. This produces saliva which can then protect your teeth.

Although eating the right foods should not be a replacement for annual dental visits, eating the correct foods can help to prevent further and more drastic procedures by naturally looking after your teeth. From broccoli to cheese, foods which look after your dental health are varied, meaning that they are perfect for even the fussiest of eaters.

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