How Has COVID-19 Changed the World?

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How Has COVID-19 Changed the World?

COVID-19 is a storm that none of us saw coming. It has forced the whole world to kneel before its deadly prowess and taken almost a million people’s lives.

COVID-19 or Corona Virus originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan. Initially, the disease remained within China.  This caused unprecedented havoc everywhere while the Chinese government scrambled to find ways to tackle it.

Their efforts did curb the spread of the virus to a certain extent but by then, it was too late for the rest of the world.

Since March, the virus has traveled to every nook and corner of the world. It paralyzed, crippled the health systems and economies of not only the poor and developing countries but also the wealthy and developed nations who ought to have been prepared for a calamity such as this.

COVID-19 has affected more than just the physical health of people. Since March, there have been major spikes of COVID-19 cases in many countries; while some took immediate actions to contain it, others couldn’t.

South Korea and Germany are examples of the former category. Countries like Italy, Spain, and Iran, belonging to the latter category, suffered the most initially and showed the world how deadly this virus is.

The United States of America, India, Brazil, Russia, and Peru has the most COVID-19 related cases, currently, while the highest number of deaths belong to the USA.

Countries all over the world are combing all their efforts towards developing a vaccine to eradicate this virus and there is no timeline for when a safe and tested vaccine will be available for everyone. It might as well be another year before we can safely bid adieu to this virus, once and for all.

Thanks to the virus, however, the world has changed in so many ways in such a short time:

WFH (Work from Home)

Soon after the declaration of the pandemic, many countries imposed nationwide lockdowns or restrictions on movement. This meant that companies could no longer use their premises to conduct their businesses. Therefore, most companies shifted to a work-from-home model and initiated it immediately. Thanks to our incredibly digitalized world, the transition wasn’t difficult.

This model has forced many companies, all over the world, to rethink their employment strategy as they’re more and more inclined towards making this shift permanent. Facebook is planning to have at least 50% of its workforce working from home within the next 5-10 years while Twitter has announced to let all of their employees work from home, should they choose to.

hand sanitizer


Since the virus spreads from contact or respiratory droplets, wearing a mask and cleaning your hands has become the new normal. Whether it’s a disinfectant or a hand sanitizer  – there’s a very high chance that people will continue to carry them even after this pandemic is over.

Taking Things for Granted

If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that one must never, ever take anything for granted. Especially friends and family. As people, self-quarantined, meeting friends or family became a distant dream. For many, it was either weeks or months before they could experience the human touch again. After this pandemic, I doubt that anybody will ever take any of these things for granted again.


In Conclusion

Everybody is going through a tough time right now. Everybody has lost something or someone. If you haven’t, count your blessings. Be empathetic and kind to people around you. If you’re in any position to help someone, please do. It might seem like this will never be over but I promise you, soon it will be, and we’ll be stronger than ever before.


Stacey Chillemi

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