A Guide to Baby Parenting During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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A Guide to Baby Parenting During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic is still sweeping across the world, with global lockdowns and social distancing guidelines in place, and if you are having a baby during this time, there are many things to consider. Of course, the safety of your baby must be your first priority, and it is not advisable to take the baby out and about when there are others present, as they might contract the virus.

Purchasing Essentials for Baby

According to CMC Gold, who is a leading online supplier of essential baby items, plus suitable gifts. You do not have to go out and expose yourself to the virus, and when the goods are delivered, social distancing rules would apply. More and more Australian parents are shopping online, as this is the safest way to ensure you are not exposed to the Coronavirus, and many suppliers offer a free delivery service.  It is a good idea to stock up on all essentials such as:

  • Bathing items
  • Baby clothing
  • Pampers
  • Baby food & powdered milk
  • Creams and lotions

The Baby Shower

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not advisable to arrange a baby shower, as this would be a baby’s health at risk. You could have a virtual baby shower, where family and friends join in a Zoom video call, which would enable everyone to see baby, and they could send you the baby gifts and you can open them during the Zoom conference. You could search online for a baby gift supplier and send the URL to all your family and friends and they can make a purchase and have the items delivered to your door. Here are some Covid-19 preventative measures that you can take.

Minimizing Risk to the Baby

When you return from work or any outing, it would be a good idea to take a shower and change your clothes before greeting the baby, plus you can keep hand sanitizer close by in every room, while also using antibacterial wipes. These are general hygiene guidelines that you should follow, which will reduce the risk of the baby being affected by Covid-19, and as the baby has yet to develop their immune system, it is imperative to avoid contact with those outside the immediate family.

People Outside Immediate Family

It would be best for all concerned if your baby did not have contact with people who are outside of the immediate family, and people are very understanding and happy to wait until the all-clear before holding the baby. It is evident that people can carry the Coronavirus without showing any symptoms, and to be absolutely safe, avoid allowing any non-family person to have contact with your baby. One thing you should do is to keep abreast of the Australian government’s Covid-19 updates.

The current Covid-19 pandemic means that you must take precautionary measures to protect your baby from the virus, and let’s hope that we can return to normality in 2021.



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