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Just Country Gardens

This book is a unique and invigorating read packed with astonishing photography based on beautiful country gardens.  It’s the perfect book for individuals who love to garden and draw a heated passion for flowering.  This book consists of 21 chapters filled with astonishing color photography displaying beautiful country gardens.  Their creativity will amaze you, the color of the flowers that they blended will astound you never realizing that certain colors and certain types of flowers could liven up a home and bring such positive energy to its existence.

Each chapter consists of a different home.  The exquisite photography used in this book makes you feel like you are right there standing on that person’s property admiring the artistry created using flower beds, flower baskets, antiques used as accessories, beautiful fountains as focal points and creative designs embedded in the ground surrounded by earth’s beautiful green grass.

Judy Condon supplies you with interesting content, historic facts, and instructional how-to advice to help create the garden of your dreams similar to the book itself. If you are looking for beautiful, mind-blowing country gardens to view and get ideas from then you will find the information and pictures in this book to be very helpful.

As you continue reading, “Just Country Gardens,” you will find over tons of phenomenal gardening ideas to use in your own garden. I enjoyed how the book provides you information and pictures of different homes that have created a unique and distinct look from their own gardening designs based on a country design.

This book provides you with the stepping-stones and techniques to make a beautiful country garden using unique ideas that you definitely cannot find anywhere else on the Internet.  Judy Condon the author provides the reader with extraordinary tools and techniques and easy-to-make ideas that will bring out your capture your creativity and bring it to life through the art of gardening.

This country gardening book was remarkable.  Judy Condon book, Just Country Gardens is an excellent book packed with phenomenal information, history and photography.  I found this book to be an invigorating and enjoyable to read.  I recommend this book to others.



Judy Condon is a native New Englander, which is evident in her decorative style and design. Judy’s has published eighteen books that consist in her “Simply Country Series.”  Judy may be reached through her website at www.marshhomesteadantiques.com and by email at marshhomestead@comcast.net.

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ISBN: 978-0984702800, $25.95, 144 pages

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