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8 Natural Remedies Available at Home

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8 Natural Remedies Available at Home

8 Natural Remedies Available at Home

It is given that many fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and nutrients that are needed by the body, but there are some other foods out there that could relieve the most common daily problems, such as rashes and hiccups. And what’s great about them is that they are readily available at home. You know what these foods are? There are actually plenty of them, but we’ve listed seven below.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

If you accidentally burnt yourself touching the cookie pans, grab some aloe vera gel and apply it to the affected area. The gel effectively soothes the inflammation and creates a new layer of skin that protects the burn from the air, which may potentially cause irritation.

2 Coconut Oil

For your chapped lips, coconut oil is all you need. It will soothe and soften even the driest lips. After applying, your lips will instantly feel better. Then again, it’ll probably take a few days before they begin to heal.

3. Cherries

Having troubles in sleeping? Eat some cherries before bedtime. According to studies, these fruits are filled with melatonin, a hormone created by the body to regulate the sleep patterns. As you lay in bed, using a lavender-filled pillow can make you feel even sleepier.

4. Black Tea

Packed with astringent compounds called tannins, black tea helps tighten the bags under the eyes. To activate the tannins, dip the bag in a cup of hot water for a couple of minutes and then let it cool in the fridge. Once ready, use it as a compress to your closed eyes.

5. Isopropyl Alcohol

Feeling dizzy? Grab some cotton and put an ample amount of isopropyl alcohol. And then, hold it up to your nose while taking deep breaths. Experts suggest to do it not more than three times in 10 minutes.

6. Dark Chocolate

For that stubborn cough, indulge in a bar or two of dark chocolate. Studies suggest that the theobromine compound found in chocolate is more effective than those found in prescribed medicines. It suppresses that dogged cough without having to cause side effects like constipation and drowsiness.

7. Vinegar

Did you know that you can easily get rid of foot odor by using vinegar? Simply soak your feet every night in 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Doing that will get rid of bacteria that causes that foul odor. Be careful though. Do not soak your feet if you have cuts. You don’t want to irritate them.

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been used to soothe the skin for centuries now. However, it was only recently when it was used to treat itchy and swollen parts of the skin. To use, put whole oats in a dry sock and then seal the open part with a rubber band. After that, drop it into a warm bath, so you can enjoy soaking yourself for up to 20 minutes.

While it is important to always keep in mind that serious problems need the immediate attention of doctors, it might help to seek any of these natural remedies to cure any minor issue.

Author Bio:

Catherine finds joy in the simplest things. Her passion for traveling is equally matched by her love for animals. When she’s at home, you can find her in her room writing about her travel experiences or outside the house playing with her fur babies. Whenever she’s in the mood for experimenting, you can see her in the kitchen trying out new recipes, most likely desserts. Despite her busy lifestyle, she makes sure to spend time with friends, participating in various charity works and running for a cause.

She shares her expertise about nutritious and organic foods like coconut oil on her blog Free Coconut Recipes. Find out what she’s up to by following her social media accounts, Twitter, and Google+.

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