8 Facts You Have to Know Before Getting a Laser Hair Removal

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8 Facts You Have to Know Before Getting a Laser Hair Removal

You might be tired of getting rid of your unwanted hair and have tried all the time-consuming methods such as waxing, shaving, and plucking, but yet all these are just offering a short-term solution.  Laser hair removal St. Louis can be an option for you, especially if you are aiming to have smooth hairless skin. Laser hair removal is a method that seeks to kill the hair follicle to stop hair growth without having any effect on the skin.

Before you spend some money and fully deciding to undergo this type of treatment, it is important to know some viable facts about laser hair removal to know if this is the right option for you.

Listed below are the 8 facts you need to know before getting laser hair removal treatment 

The treatment is a simple procedure

The word “laser” might sound intimidating to you, but the truth is that the procedure is not that complicated as it may seem. “The number of hair follicles to be destroyed in the area but will not leave any effect on the skin, reducing and eliminating hair growth once the session is completed,” says Dr. Roque Ramos of New Improved body. It usually takes 20-30 mins which will not take much of your time.

The treatment takes several sessions

It usually takes 7-13 sessions to experience the full results. Once you started the treatment, it is essential to attend the required sessions to achieve the best results. Hair follicles have different growth stages; that is why it is important to attend each session to kill hair follicles effectively.

The treatment is costly

The cost of laser hair removal costs between $100 – $450 depending on the area being treated. The most common areas for this type of treatment include bikini line, upper lip, legs, and underarm.

The area should be shaved before the treatment

If the hair is unshaved, it may cause skin irritation, and the smell of a burning hair may not be that pleasing too. So be prepared by shaving the area each session. Most certified clinics provide the necessary information you should know during the initial consultation.

No hot showers, saunas, and gyms after the treatment

The heat from the laser treatment stays in the skin for 24 hours. Activities that expose your skin to a warm environment such as taking a hot shower, having a sauna, and going to the gym may increase bacteria build-up making you prone to having skin rashes or even allergies.

You will be advised to avoid being exposed to the sun

You will be advised to avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment. Most dermatologists require you to do because they have to maintain the baseline skin color for effective treatment.

Patients who tanned their skin are advised to come back once their natural skin color comes back.

You will need to temporarily stop using some skincare products

Skin products that have glycolic acid, retinol, and skin scrubs should not be used two days before and after the treatment session. Skin tans and chemical peels should also be avoided before the treatment.

Plucking and waxing is not advisable

Plucking and waxing the hair on the area being treated will delay the effectiveness of the treatment. If you want the area to be hairless during the entire treatment process, it’s better to shave the area instead.

If you are considering laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, keep in mind these eight facts before fully deciding to undergo the treatment. For best results, make sure to go to a board-certified physician.


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