Book Review: Bhagavan’s Guitar – As Light Is

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Book Review: Bhagavan’s Guitar – As Light Is

The historical backdrop of Sri Krsna from more than 5,000 years prior deciphered by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, for Bhagavad-Gita (Divine Song), and Krsna – Supreme Personality of Godhead, comes Shree Krishna into the twenty-first century.

Legendary stories from some time in the past worked into the cutting-edge period to advance with Krishna Consciousness is here.

Enjoy into the universe of yoga, realism, mysticism and for the explanation of Supreme Godhead to come to Earth to direct the war between close to home energy and enthusiasm for the individuals. Bhagavan carries ascend to the Eternal Golden Age. From leaving Balaram and Radha-Rani, Shree Krishna guides Arjun Pandav, to stir each spirit to get one with one.

Bhagavan’s Guitar is an empowering, inspiring and motivational read. Sandeep Patel’s book, “Bhagavan’s Guitar: As Light Is,” provides readers with insights to understand you’re your consciousness cannot be created by a combination of matter.  It needs your inner spirit that evolves inside of us.

The book helps one understand that our ability to speak and enjoy our life is a gift from God.   Patel’s book helped me realize that we have the power to inspire others and lift ourselves to a higher level of being.

The book opens your mind, soul, and spirit by teaching you how the Krishna Consciousness can fill our souls with faith, courage, wisdom, strength, and hope.  It helps us and the people around us fill her hearts with gratitude and provide us on a road that leads us to a higher level of well-being.

The author consistantly made me laugh as he explained the Krishna Consciousness.’ Patel’s thinking expands beyond the norm and brings you to a state of utter joy and humor.

A Life-Changing Books that Will Stay With You Forever

Patel provides a novel with mythological tales and shows us examples through his book on how the spirit of God can change your life and lead you on a pathway to a more filling life.

Sandeep discussed how Bhagavan (the spirit of God) brings happiness to your life by his explanation of how all qualities of realization is that of the Supreme Brahman.  He goes on to explain how every newborn on earth is Brahma with the super soul of the light in their hearts.

Bhagavan’s Guitar teaches you through his words of wisdom how an ounce of gratitude can go a long way and that our spirit of God helps makes us humble as we choose to share with others.

Bhagavan’s Guitar is an empowering, inspirational and motivational read. Sandeep Patel’s book, Bhagavan’s Guitar: As Light Is,” provides readers with insights to understand that everyone has a spirit within themselves and when you take the time to connect with your spirit the more you can let go of the negative which can destroy you and the Bhagavan gives you the ability to grow.

We are an example for each other.

Patel helps you understand that we do not get to choose much of what life hurls our way, yet we have a choice of how we can cope with the obstacles that come our way. He goes on to explain how the Bhagavan, yoga, meditation, music and other spiritual ways can release the toxins within you and restore your life to a higher level of well-being.

Patel provides the reader with great insight that helps you see life from a completely different perspective.

Patel insight can help heal the soul and help someone to reconstruct a life that is full of happiness.  A life that will not only bring happiness to your own life but the people around you.

This book provides stepping stones for people of all ages and future generations to follow.

The powerful insight in his book will impact your life forever. 

Bhagavan’s Guitar was a true eye-opener for me. In Prologue explains what Bhagavan is and how one who has the Spirit of God is Bhagavan.

His book, ” Bhagavan’s Guitar: As Light Is,” helps inspire and motivate you to explore a life of spiritual well-being.  He goes on to explain how energy loves the energy and God can change the energy one form to another.

His teachings in the book give the reader a clear understanding not get lost in life’s materialistic world and that we need to focus on the present and be thankful for blessings around us.  Patel provides excellent guidance in his astonishing book, Bhagavan’s Guitar: As Light Is.

Bhagavan’s Guitar is packed with magnificent stories, insight, and advice, which teaches readers how to improve their lives spiritually, so they can experience happiness and live a healthy, happy and productive life.

Brilliant insight

In his book, he provides brilliant insight into how God can transform your life including fabulous information, plus a wide range of advice.  The guidance in this book is easy to incorporate in your life, so you are able to harness the incredible power of Krishna Consciousness.

Patel shows you how to transform your life as you read this astonishing life-changing book.

His stories helped me realize that connecting with our spirit is very important in order to live a level of happiness within ourselves.

In addition, through reading this book I realize no matter what age you are you can bring the spirit of God into your life. A life filled with happiness, a passion for life, and strong mental and spiritual well-being.

I also loved how he mentioned the importance of learning and how it helps us grow both mentally and spiritually.  This book also made me remember a quote my grandfather used to say, “All roads lead to one God.  No matter what religion you are and what beliefs you carry you can still learn from each other.

And this helped me as it taught me new things through his words of wisdom.

I especially liked it when he mentioned how God is light, and how God is life.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in bringing love and happiness into their life.

Patel’s book is excitingly packed with outstanding stories, advice, tools, insight, and techniques and I find Bhagavan’s Guitar a rewarding, motivating, inspiring and enjoyable read.


Also available as a Paperback, Ebook, kindle, ISBN-13: 978-1793012531, $21.95 404 pages

Author Sandeep Patel


My name is Sandeep Patel. I live in London U.K. with my spouse and my new-born daughter who has just turned one year. My day job is in Logistics and Dispatch for a warehouse company, for which I work around my family business as a Trustee Associate to four English-Medium schools in Gujarat, India. My journey in writing began with a non-fiction story about myself in 2008, which led me to write two other books by the year 2012.

Then six years later whilst my wife was pregnant I wrote my fourth which was Bhagavan’s Guitar. For leisure I enjoy mostly spending quality time with my family, listening to music, exercising, networking, and practicing my hand in cooking. I hope to be an author that is regarded as unique in writing as well as story-telling due to the different cultural experiences I have been blessed with that not many have. That’s me in a nutshell but the rest of me can be found as an open book. I consider myself as a perfectionist as any holy philanthropist would.

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