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Hair Restoration Laboratories Review – DHT Blocking Products

Hey guys and girls! It’s Tuesday, which means a new hair loss post. Today I am going to be reviewing the Hair Restoration Laboratories DHT blocking hair loss shampoo and conditioner. I also talk a little about their serums too.

I went to Cozmos Hair Salon in Freehold, New Jersey to have professional hairstylists and their clients try Hair Restoration Laboratories DHT blocking hair loss shampoo and conditioner.

Back when my hair was brittle and dry, I was going through my hair loss issues, this DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoo from Restoration Laboratories wasn’t the first shampoo I tried. It took about six months before my hair became soft and radiant.  Now, my hair grew like a weed from the biotin.  It’s nice and long now and my hair been in the best condition it’s ever been in.

Hair Restoration Laboratories LLC, a company from Voorhees Township New Jersey, is the people behind it. On their website for sale, they currently have “Ultra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment”, “Hair Restore Shampoo & Conditioner Set”, “Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo”, “Hair Restore Conditioner” and their serums, like their Ultra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment.

Today in my Hair Restoration Laboratories Review I will just be going over their hair loss products that have the DHT Blocking compounds and not the other ones that use Minoxidil. Their hair shampoos are, of course, suitable for both men and women, but this review will come from my experiences as a female with hair loss.

Hair Restoration Laboratories Ingredients

Just like in my other Hair Restoration Laboratories Review, I am going to look at all of the individual ingredients inside this DHT hair loss shampoo and see if I can find anything interesting. Although there are over 30 ingredients, I am just going to cover the 15 DHT blocking ones that I think are most important. The other ingredients I am not covering are all free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, & harsh chemicals. I will be using this resource to check if the ingredients can inhibit DHT blocking growth.



The main benefit of caffeine is that it can help promote hair growth straight from the root in the initial phases of hair growth. It does this by targeting a hormone called ‘DHT’, which causes hair loss. Caffeine helps increases blood circulation to the scalp which promotes healthy hair follicles.

saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto

There have been some herbalists that have experimented with the herb Saw Palmetto in order to block the production of DHT in treating BPH. Although most studies of Saw Palmetto have been for the treatment of prostatic disease, more recent studies have been conducted on its effectiveness in treating hair loss.

The herb works in fighting benign prostatic disease by lowering levels of DHT.  DHT is a known cause of androgenetic alopecia. Studies have shown Saw Palmetto extract is an effective anti-androgen.   This means there is a promise for its effectiveness as an effective treatment for hair loss prevention.

Women who take Saw Palmetto should cease doing so when taking oral contraceptives or hormone therapy.

Pygeum Bark Extract

Pygeum Bark is a beneficial treatment for hair loss due to its effective DHT-blocking ability.

Pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.  It does this by lowering the androgen (male hormone, DHT) activity, taming inflammation, decreasing the constriction of blood vessels in the scalp, and replacing the elements necessary for hair regrowth.

Cayenne Extract

Cayenne Extract (Capsaicin) increases blood circulation throughout the scalp to deliver more essential nutrients to the hair follicle required for healthy hair growth.

Studies indicate that cayenne pepper stimulates the hair follicles to help with hair growth. Cayenne pepper contains a natural cannabinoid blocker. In fact, it is one of the only known natural elements that contain this blocker, also known as CB1.

The endocannabinoid system is a group of receptors within the body that manage a variety of the body’s natural processes, including appetite, pain, and many other factors, which is why cayenne pepper is so good for the body overall. But recently, scientists have noticed that the endocannabinoid system also has an effect on hair loss.

green tea

Green Tea Extract

It is rich in catechins, which help to reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), responsible for hair loss. As a result, green tea stops hair fall. It helps to fight the dryness of the scalp and dandruff. Polyphenol, found in green tea, is good for hair roots and hair follicles, which leads to hair regrowth.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Argan oil

This is a fruit and provides Argan Oil, which of course is excellent for hair (1). Argan Oil has Oleic Acid & Linoleic Acid, which can block DHT growth (2).

vitamin e

Vitamin E

Diets with consumption of Vitamin E have shown to decrease the risk of various cancers (3). For hair, it doesn’t block DHT but does have anti-inflammatory effects (4) which can help with hair loss if that is your cause.

Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

I know that this oil from Japan has benefits as an Antioxidant, but I couldn’t find any studies on its impact on DHT Blocking. Camellia oil does, however, provide Palmitic and Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids, which are an excellent moisturizer for the skin & hair (5).

Soy Isoflavones

This is an unusual ingredient since Soy foods contain Isoflavones which mimic estrogen. Higher estrogen and lower Testosterone can inhibit DHT (6.) Soy Bean Oil also contains Linoleic Acid, which is an excellent DHT blocker (7).

Rosemarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil

Rosemary Oil is one of the best natural blockers of DHT oil out there, and there was a great study done on mice that proved its effects for hair (8).

Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract

It doesn’t block DHT but is excellent for hair growth since it contains polysaccharides (9). This fights inflammation and contains fatty acids which, as mentioned previously, helps as a moisturizer.

Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract

There are reliable well-conducted studies out there that show Polygonum Multifolorum Root is beneficial for hair growth using the dermal papilla cells (10).

Nicotinic Acid/Niacin

There was an excellent piece of research done (11) that showed its effects on the hair. It doesn’t appear to block DHT but can help with inflammation on the scalp.

Citrus Medica Limonum Oil

Not a DHT inhibitor and not a lot of research for hair care. It is rich in Vitamin C t, which helps with collagen, and that is beneficial for hair growth (12).

Salvia Miltiorrhiza Root Extract

I read a post that said for hair growth, the follicles should receive highly oxygenated blood, and it said this extract does a whole lot of positive things for blood. According to another well-done study, it showed it did not affect blood pressure (13).



Vitamin H does not affect DHT, but I know it does promote hair growth based on a study done on women with thinning hair (14). It is worth noting though that the Vitamin H was taken as an oral supplement.


Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Extract

An interesting study was done on albino rats that did show more potency hair growth throughout a 30-day trial (15).


Beta-Sitosterol is perhaps the most beneficial and exciting ingredient for hair. It can stop Testosterone from converting into DHT, which has been confirmed scientifically (16).

Ligusticum Chuanxiong Root Extract

I can’t find any useful information on this ingredient for hair growth. Some people believe it helps with hair loss, but I can’t back that up.

black seed oil

Black seed oil

Black Seed Oil has shown to benefit the hair for growth but not by blocking DHT (17).

My Experience With Hair Restoration Laboratories

I received the Shampoo & Conditioner Set, “Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo”, “Hair Restore Conditioner” and their serums, like their Ultra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment. It took about 3 days to arrive at my address, and everything was sealed and packaged nicely. I opened the box straight away and decided to take a shower and try the shampoo and conditioner.   products right there and then.

DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoo boasts good thickness and lather, and it didn’t tingle or burn when leaving it on my scalp for the recommended three to five minutes.  It had a very nice smell to it and it left my hair very soft.

The more I used it the better my hair became.  It took 6 months to get my hair in great condition.  My hair also became thicker and longer.

I think that it is far better to use something containing DHT blockers rather than use something containing nothing. This is why I would endorse others to use this shampoo, particularly for individuals on a tight budget who would never be able to afford its super expensive mainstream counterparts.

Final Thoughts & Coupon Code

For best hair results, combine this hair treatment with other methods. For example, if you are already taking a powerful hair-loss supplement, you can use this hair shampoo conditioner to get faster, better, and more effective hair growth results. If you like what you have read today in this hair restoration laboratory review, You can use the coupon codes below off your entire order.

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