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Using Hypnosis To Improve Sex and Relationships

Using Hypnosis To Improve Sex and Relationships. There is a growing trend of people using hypnosis and meditation as a way to improve their sex lives and relationships. Hypnosis for sex and relationships is a new approach to relationship therapy but extremely effective since sex is an emotional experience and the body literally reacts to what the mind is thinking on all levels. Hypnotist Richard Barker has been working with couples for sex and relationship issues for quite some time with very interesting results. Richard Barker; a world-renowned Hypnotist has been teaching couples and individuals, through the power of hypnosis, how to have better sex. Barker said, “The power of your sex life is all in your mind. You can choose to have better or worse sex depending...


Why Hypnosis Can Cure Anxiety Caused By Terror-Related Events

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POST Ongoing terrorism, especially the indiscriminate kind targeting unarmed civilians is a real threat and a rapidly growing concern today. Richard Barker, a Professional Hypnotist with offices in New York and Orlando, has seen a remarkable increase in those seeking help with panic attacks and the stress and anxiety associated with constant fear of potential terrorist threats. Psychological distress associated with these perceived threats is more real today than ever before. Barker said “Hypnosis is a truly effective means of treating these issues. More and more people are seeking out hypnosis as a remedy to this high level of anxiety caused by the recent attacks. It is clear that some people have an absolute fear and display anxiety that manifests itself in changed...

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Richard Barker Talks Hypnosis

[embed][/embed] Google Talks Hypnosis was an exceptional opportunity Richard Barker was given to go to GOOGLE HQ in NYC and deliver a Google Talks Hypnosis style. He delivered a program called “Multiple Monitors of the Mind,” which demonstrates a laser focus through Self Hypnosis Mastery and multi-tasking explained through the subconscious mind. High achievers all have one thing in common — guided focus. During the event, Richard will talk about multi and micro subconscious talking and having multiple monitors in the mind. It has been proven that each thought and task becomes degraded with multiple focus — so how do we laser focus on individual achievement? Hypnosis is the continuous stream of focus that creates the clear visualization of the end product. Staying internally focused on a given suggestion is more powerful...

How To Remove ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Using Hypnosis

How To Remove ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Using Hypnosis

By Richard Barker How To Remove ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is a fascinating and rewarding subject with amazing results. Erectile dysfunction is very common, affecting about one in ten men, and is one of the most commonly treated sexual problems in my office today. Erectile dysfunction issues that can be resolved include but not limited to: Impotency – a difficulty in obtaining or maintaining firm erections Libido – your libido may have decreased or disappeared Relationships – perhaps you avoid intimacy or your partner feels you’re not attracted to them Sexual confidence – you worry about pleasing a partner or perhaps feel sexually inexperienced As a sufferer, you may be caught in a perpetual loop of anticipating failure to achieve an erection, which in turn brings about the failure and thus...

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