Why Rehab Works Better Than Doing It Alone

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Why Rehab Works Better Than Doing It Alone

You have decided to stop using finally. Recognizing the problem is half the battle. Family and friends are encouraging and supportive. However, moving forward, you weigh the options of doing it alone versus seeking out the help of a drug treatment center.

Drug addiction alters the mind’s ability to process by creating the need for drugs to fuel it. Drug addicts need drugs because their brain is telling them they cannot function without them. Getting clean and sober requires the brain to be rewired, which can be incredibly daunting for even the most strong-willed individuals.

Doing it Alone

What is drug addiction exactly? It is a reliance on a chemical substance to function and feel good. Addiction is the most severe form of substance abuse caused by the continual and excessive use of drugs. It is considered both a mental illness as well as a brain disorder.

Addicts become physically addicted and find it virtually impossible to function without drugs in their system.

While there is skepticism that addicts can get clean on their own, it is possible. The internet is rife with articles on best practices for getting clean. These articles offer suggestions to help stay motivated, focused, and supported throughout the process.

However, the reality is that the body and brain are in for a massive shock. Without the proper support, attempting to get and stay sober effectively is a difficult task with long-shot odds for success.

Drug Treatment Centers Are There to Help

Drug addicts use illicit drugs to such an extent that their ability to do even basic day-to-day tasks becomes difficult. While they know that the drugs are causing damage to their mind, body, and relationships, they cannot control the cravings.

Changes to the brain caused by the excessive use of drugs cause these cravings, ultimately leading to changes in personality, cognitive ability, and basic functioning in life. With such tremendous damage to the brain, it seems that the best course to get help would be through a drug treatment center.

Drug treatment centers specialize in a holistic approach to treating addiction. You can find drug treatment centers in every state. For example, suppose treatment is sought in Virginia.

In that case, a search for drug treatment centers in Virginia will net multiple results just as a search for treatment centers in North Carolina would. Geography should not be an issue in getting clean.

Once a drug treatment center is identified, they will help determine what program and treatment plan best suits the individual’s needs and addiction. They will discuss options from in-patient, residential care to out-patient care.

Finding a program best suited to your needs is their specialty. In addition, many insurance companies cover costs associated with rehabilitation programs.

The ultimate objective of a drug treatment center is to provide counselors and staff in a supportive environment with other addicts. The physical, mental, and psychological aspects of the addiction will be the focus on the path to recovery.

Understanding the addiction will be critical as well. Finding a supportive group to lean on is an added benefit to an in-patient treatment center. Learning from and living with fellow addicts experiencing the same things is an invaluable component of a treatment center versus attempting to go it alone.

Having a shoulder to lean on or hand to hold is reassuring during a time often marked by desperate loneliness and isolation.

Drug treatment centers also provide medical professionals who are there to help monitor the detoxification process. Every person is affected by their drug abuse differently. Some will have stronger withdrawal symptoms than others.

Some will experience shorter bouts of depression and anxiety, while others will grapple with those feelings on a deeper level. Having medical professionals and counselors on hand to navigate those trying times is one of the key advantages of being at a drug treatment facility.

Staying Clean is the Ultimate Goal

The process of getting clean and sober is a long one. Staying clean becomes a lifelong objective. Beginning this journey with the help of a caring, nurturing, empathetic community of professionals and recovering addicts will help improve the odds of success and provide a platform for a lifetime of healthy habits and behaviors.

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