5 Herbs To Aid In The Recovery Process

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5 Herbs To Aid In The Recovery Process

Helping your body back to a healthy, thriving condition, where it has the minerals, vitamins, and activities it requires to live your best life is another critical step.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol throws your body out of whack and regaining that equilibrium in recovery may be a difficult task. The methamphetamine detox by VSM can help you significantly in this context.

However, as your body adjusts to life without a certain chemical, you will likely still have desires for it. Adding or increasing your consumption of certain vitamins and nutrients, on the other hand, might help you overcome cravings and regain your health.

5 Herbs To Aid The Recovery Process

You don’t always need medications and physical exercise to aid the recovery process. Sometimes, there can be some natural cures to these diseases as well. Find out the best 5 herbs to aid your recovery here:

Oat Straw

Oat straw is beneficial in the treatment of sleep problems and insomnia. Combining oat straw with Skullcap is a preferred drink for many people as a tea or as a tincture that they take immediately before bed. It helps people overcome incredibly challenging sleep issues, especially in the early stages of recovery. Oat straw also calms your brain and nervous system, which will help you significantly when you are in recovery.


This herb was a lifeline for me during my early recuperation when I was suffering from severe headaches. It can be consumed as a tea or as a tincture. I liked to brew and drink a skullcap and oat straw tea every night, especially immediately before bedtime because it is quite efficient at relaxing the nerves. Skullcap has been used as a mild relaxant for therapy, anxiety, nervousness, and convulsions. All of these symptoms are pretty common during addiction recovery. There are many neurological disorders that can be treated with skullcap, which is why so many rehabs use them for dual diagnosis.

Lemon Balm


This herb is a mild sedative that has been shown to help with anxiety and has mood-boosting properties. When people feel extremely nervous or sad, they would just take a dosage of lemon balm tincture and meditate to enable themselves to relax and find their ways into a new frame of mind. Lemon balm is equally effective in adults and children.

It has soothing properties that help restore tranquility, calmness, and serenity in people that making it easier for them to fall asleep at a designated hour. Since sleeping patterns change when people stay in recovery, lemon balm can be a helpful agent during this period.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is another beneficial plant that may be taken as a tablet, a tincture, or a tea to assist in the recuperation process. It’s the herbal version of Valium, and it’s great for sleep problems. It works as a sedative and nerve relaxant, as well as a detoxifier. Valerian root tincture was one of my favorite detoxification agents because it worked magically on my anxiety and depression problems.

It is also a common ingredient in dietary supplements and can be an active agent in releasing stress. It cures nervous tension and insomnia; problems that are prevalent in addiction recovery patients.


This is a time-honored and well-respected healing method. Moxibustion is a technique that uses the plant mugwort to promote better blood flow and qi flow.

Many acupuncturists utilize a moxibustion procedure on clients, where they burn a moxa stick over the spots on the body where they had implanted needles. It is a great and energizing experience, and people always feel a lot better after each session.

Mugwort has a reputation for causing prophetic night visions. During my recuperation, I discovered that I had some extremely therapeutic dreams and was able to process a lot in my sleep.

When people go through recovery, they often face problems such as nausea, fatigue, headaches, etc. This is where Moxibustion comes to the rescue and helps people get rid of all these problems.

Why Should You Use These Herbs In Your Recovery?

During the first couple of years of rehabilitation, people go through ample challenges. Sleep issues, worry, sadness, headaches, and physical discomfort are just a few of the issues people battle with on a regular basis.

People resort to herbs to assist with some of my sufferings. There are numerous herbs that can help with recuperation, and we have enlisted a few of them here for you to try out.

A variety of plants have been found as having qualities that are effective in overcoming addiction by both traditional and contemporary medicine. Many of these may be found at your local health food or vitamin shop, and they can help you reduce cravings, restore organ health, and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction depletes your body of essential nutrients required for proper organ function, happy moods, and enough energy to get through the day. Consciously reintroducing these can make a significant impact on your recovery and long-term health.

Some of these herbs such as skullcap can also aid your weight loss journey, cure diabetes, soothe nervous pain, and prevent certain types of cancers. Moxibustion also helps in improving blood circulation, and strengthening the immune system is hampered significantly when people are in recovery.

Therefore, you must resort to these herbs while you are in your recovery to accelerate their impact.

Get Better Right Now!

As we have already mentioned, there are many herbs to aid your recovery journey because nature has a healing antigen restored in it. But, since we have mentioned a few of them here, it’s better to try them out first.

You can also consult your medical professional accordingly if you need to get a second opinion on these herbs. Don’t think that we are asking you to stop your rehab treatment and rely completely on these agents. We are simply saying that while you are in recovery, use these herbs to accelerate the process.


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