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At the 2nd International Conference on Integrative medicine: Role of Yoga & Ayurveda at Harvard University with the Indian Central Minister for AYUSH, Shri Shripad Naik.

Ayurvedashram Holistic Wellness Center, A Conversation with Vaidya (Dr.) Priyaa Balaa & Pari Mudiginty

When I hear “Ayurveda,” I think soap, oil or an herb of some kind.  Stating that shows how ignorant I was about this 5000-year-old philosophy of well-being. Its wisdom, found in its sole intention—the improvement of the human condition, developed in various stages and was passed down from generation to generation. Its success is reflected in its millions of dedicated followers. The bedrock center of the Ayurvedic world, its Stanford and Harvard rolled into one, is a region in Southern India called Kerala. Although a tourist destination for many, thousands of wellness seekers from every continent flock there for its Ayurvedic-trained doctors and practitioners, and students come from beginning to advanced studies and opportunities to practice. Recently, I sat down for a chat with two-unbelievably dedicated women,...

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