Naturally Relaxing Magnesium


Naturally Relaxing Magnesium

When you can’t get relax and you’re unable to sleep a natural remedy called Ease Naturally Relaxing Magnesium can help you fall asleep and restore calmness back into your life 

Being unable to relax can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or both, despite the opportunity for adequate sleep. With difficulty sleeping, you usually awaken feeling unrefreshed, which takes a toll on your ability to function during the day. Sleepless nights can sap not only your energy level and mood but also your health, work performance and quality of life. How much sleep is enough varies from person to person? Most adults need seven to eight hours a night. Many adults experience insomnia at some point, but some people have long-term (chronic) insomnia. Insomnia may be the primary problem, or it may be secondary due to other causes, such as a disease or medication. You do not have to put up with sleepless nights. Ease Naturally Relaxing Magnesium made from the relaxing mineral magnesium can help you relax, stay calm and get the sleep your body needs.

Why is it important to get a good night sleep? 

People who have trouble getting a good night sleep do not feel as if they get enough sleep at night. They may have trouble falling asleep or may wake up frequently during the night or early in the morning. Not getting enough of sleep is a problem if it affects your daytime activities. Sleepless nights has many possible causes, including stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep habits, circadian rhythm disorders (such as jet lag), and taking certain medications.  This is why you need to find a healthy solution to help you relax and get a good night sleep without harming your body.

Is prescription or over-the-counter drugs your only resort for a good night sleep?

Pharmaceutical drugs may not be your only path to getting a good night sleep. Natural sleep treatments like herbal medicine, in which parts of a plant and minerals are used worldwide to treat health problems and it has become an increasingly popular way to get a good night sleep.  Minerals like Magnesium are highly recognized and used for relaxing, staying calm and getting a good night’s sleep.

Magnesium is readily available in most health food stores, is a form of the mineral magnesium that has been combined with aspartic acid so that it is easily absorbed and metabolized by the body. Every cell in the body contains levels of magnesium, and some symptoms of anxiety, like irritability and tension in the muscles, can be mitigated by its ingestion. Magnesium is transported through the cell membrane and can correct a deficiency that may be present. Minor deficiency is seen often in non-industrialized and industrialized nations alike due to a lack of magnesium-rich foods, like leafy greens and nut meats, in the majority of everyday diets.


Magnesium, when sprayed and absorbed through your pores at adequate levels, inhibits action by the neurotransmitter glutamate. Glutamate is partly responsible for your body’s reaction to stress, and low levels of magnesium can contribute to an exaggerated stress response, which can cause anxiety. Magnesium is also a cofactor in vascular smooth muscle relaxation, which helps cerebral blood flow by dilating blood vessels. In this regard, magnesium can help treat disorders on the anxiety spectrum by lowering blood pressure and increasing cognition. Magnesium’s role as a cofactor for over 300 enzymes lends its ability to regulate normal blood glucose levels, which helps your mood regulation, and it is important in overall nervous system functioning.

Magnesium: The sleep-regulating hormone melatonin is disturbed when Magnesium is deficient. Furthermore, Magnesium brings balance and controls stress hormones. Stress and tension are often reasons why people suffer from insomnia in the first place.


Some of the studies done on magnesium that showed significant positive results used women who suffer from PMS. In these studies, the onset of anxiety could be predicted, and magnesium could be taken in expectation of the onset. The University of Mary Washington recommends taking magnesium to reduce spasms and tension as a preventive measure for combatting headaches caused by stressful situations and PMS.

What the reviewer thought

 Why our reviewer relies on Ease Naturally Relaxing Magnesium for a good night sleep

This herbal supplement helps you to fall asleep quickly and gently.    When you wake up you feel refreshed not groggy. It makes you feel calm and relaxed.  I use it frequently. ~ Our Reviewer Michael

As an author of the book, “The Complete Herbal Guide: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body – Heal Your Body Naturally and Maintain Optimal Health Using Alternative Medicine, Herbals, Vitamins, Fruits and Vegetables I found Ease Naturally Relaxing Magnesium  to be very beneficial.”

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