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How to Protect Your Health in 2019

It’s common for people to reflect on both their life and goals at the start of a brand-new year. As 2018 will soon come to a close, now might be the perfect time to set better health goals for yourself. In addition to caring for your mind and body, you must also consider the practical side of healthcare to ensure your happiness. Find out how to protect your health in 2019. Focus on Your Mental Health Many people make the mistake of neglecting their mental health. For example, they might be embarrassed to talk about depression or anxiety due to the stigma attached, or they might suffer in silence when living with stress. Yet, help is available so you can overcome a problem and enjoy a better quality...

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Weight Loss: 7 Ways to Lose Weight

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbs to lose Weight: 7 Ways to Lose Weight

Weight for Chinese Medicine By Shoshanna Katzman, MS, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac & CH Chinese medicine can be of help to the millions of Americans struggling with their weight, due to how it identifies and rectifies the deeper underlying root causes of this important issue. Regardless of whether it is a matter of excessive or deficient weight, Chinese medicine works to bring the body back into balance. It establishes healing from “the inside out,” while forging a solid connection between the mind and body. As a holistic approach to weight management, Chinese medicine activates the energetics of the stomach, spleen, liver, kidney, heart, large intestine, and small intestine organ systems. It provides a multifaceted approach that addresses the body, mind, emotions, energetic and spiritual components of an individual....

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The Modern Method For Hiding Hair Loss: For Men and Women

There's a new method for hiding hair loss which everyone is talking about and it is called Hair 2.0. Utilizing organic and safe ingredients, the product has taken the hair loss market by storm. Women and men can benefit instantly upon using Hair 2.0. to help them conceal any loss of hair or bald spots. Hair 2.0. is unlike other products since it is made with Keratin fiber. These real human hair fibers can be applied to your own existing hair in mere seconds. They instantly adhere to the real hair and intertwine to create a natural set of fuller and thicker hair. Why Hair 2.0. Works So Well The secret behind the high rate of success of Hair 2.0. resides in the keratin fiber technology system....

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10 Best Essential Oils for Hair Loss {Including Hair Loss Recipes}

The results of one research study suggest that the essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedar wood mixed with oil and applied on the areas of hair loss may stimulate hair growth. This double-blind, placebo-controlled study enrolled 84 people who massaged either these essential oils or a non-treatment oil into their scalps each night for seven months. Results showed that 44% of people in the treatment group had new hair growth compared to only 15% in the control group. Essential Oils for Hair Loss Recipe 3 drops of essential oil of thyme Include 3 drops of essential oil of lavender Put 3 drops of essential oil of rosemary Put 3 drops of essential oil of cedar wood Add 1/8 cup of grapeseed oil 1/8 cup of jojoba oil Directions Mix the ingredients together....

How the Ketogenic Diet Can Help You for Weight Loss

How the Ketogenic Diet Can Help You for Weight Loss

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The ketogenic diet is a nutrient restrictive diet that was initially developed somewhere in the 1920s as a treatment for epilepsy. The diet can be described as a high-fat, low-carb, and adequate-protein diet. Besides being a successful treatment for epilepsy that does not respond to medication, the ketogenic diet is also considered a weight-loss type of diet. And although the ketogenic diet may help you lose weight, it is generally not considered the best approach to sustainable weight loss. Keri Glassman who is a nutritionist and registered dietitian said for Today that the ketogenic diet is an extreme diet, and like with all things extreme, it does not work in the long run. Nevertheless, if you’re considering the ketogenic diet to shed a pound or...

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Hair Restoration Laboratories: DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoo Review

An All-Natural and Powerful Hair Loss Shampoo Did you know…? The most common type of hair loss is a condition called androgenetic alopecia.  Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition that can affect both men and women. Men with this condition, called male pattern baldness, can begin suffering hair loss as early as their teens or early 20s. It’s characterized by a receding hairline and gradual disappearance of hair from the crown and frontal scalp. For many people, losing their hair is a frustrating experience. Fortunately, natural treatments are available that can help to regrow hair or prevent further hair loss.  What is the Hair Restoration Laboratories DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoo? Hair Restoration Laboratories DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoo is a powerful anti-hair loss and thinning shampoo.  It is a sulfate and...

Ultimate List of Healthy Foods which Help you to Lose Weight

Are you interested in losing weight? Do you want to enjoy an excellent state of health and get back to your regular figure? If you have provided an affirmative answer to either one of these two questions, you have arrived at the right resource. In the following paragraphs, we have gathered some healthy foods; these can help you lose weight and get healthy, as they are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Organize your daily meals to include more of these foods, and soon you will see the results. #1 Eggs A healthy diet plan is, first of all, one that covers all the major food groups. Eggs represent an excellent source of proteins, representing the perfect choice for breakfast. They also contain healthy fats, which...


FREE Hair Loss Prevention Guide

Learn how to prevent hair loss with this guide...


Top 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger you Need to Know

Superfoods are nutrient filled foods and ingredients with a wealth of health benefits. The multiple numbers of Health Benefits of Ginger make it be considered as one of the top super foods benefits from the reduction of inflammation to the treatment of Nausea. Ginger is a flowering plant, whose root, also known as the Rhizome is used as Spice. Originating from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, dating back over 5000 years ago, Ginger has been referred to as a healing herb with various medicinal properties. While it was discovered growing wild within the Asian rainforests, it was soon exported to India and Europe. Today, ginger should be a staple in every kitchen for both culinary uses and its generous health benefits. It can be prepared...