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In this busy world we live in time is money and between work, family, friends and our daily responsibilities that follow when do we ever have time for ourselves?  We are always last on the list. It is extremely important to maintain a balance between the mind, body and soul.

I always hear people talking about how they feel worn down physically and emotionally. You can see it in their face, their eyes and you hear the tiredness they feel in their voices.  If you ask them they will probably tell you that they have to drag themselves in and out of bed.

Everyone needs time for himself or herself.  A successful person stands out from the crowd because they show a glow on their face.  Their eyes make you tingle and they show signs of strength.  They have a smile that warms your soul, and hair that looks like it came from the head of a princess.  Their clothes show sex appeal and they have a voice full of confidence.  Do you want those qualities?  Well, listen carefully and The Herbal Spa is going to show you how to become and feel like a new person.

In order to make ourselves stand out from the crowd, we need to understand our features.  Everybody is different and what might work for a person, may not work for another person.

First and most important is to focus on your Inner Self.  Let us travel inside ourselves and look at the beauty in our inner self.

Everyone has his or her own way of looking at beauty.  Some people are more judgmental than others are, but the truth is that every woman is unique and beautiful in their own way.

The business of beauty is thriving everywhere. Women are spending much of their time and money on buying beauty products. Even in the third world countries, women living in poverty, buy cheap and poor quality beauty products, which do more harm to their skin than good.

Every woman rich or poor wants to look and feel beautiful. Every woman wants someone to tell her that she looks good or that they are beautiful.  However, remember if you do not love yourself for who you are then all the outward beauty does not matter because if you do not feel good about yourself having all the beauty in the world will not make a difference.  First, you need to learn to love the beautiful person that comes from within and then you can worry about your outward beauty.

The trick is to first accept yourself for who you are, love the person inside you that makes you the person you are and then love all your beauty you carry before the outward makeover.

After you accomplished connecting with your inner beauty then it’s time to worry about your outer features.

When focusing on your outward features the first thing you want to do is moisturize your skin to make it glow and feel smooth.

Just as you choose a moisturizer for your face with care, you should decide on the best product suited for your specific skin type. Add a moisturizing body treatment to your everyday beauty regime for a wonderfully silky body.

Choose the Moisturizer that’s Right for You

  • Gels – They are the lightest of all the formulations among all moisturizers and are great for oilier skin types. They are also a refreshing option on hot summer days.
  • Body Oil – This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to moisturize the entire body. They are a good option for all skin types and are very easy to apply. Body oils are best when used right after showering, rub the oil all over your dump skin before gently toweling off the excess water.
  • Lotions – This is also another non-sticky, easy-to-apply option suitable for almost all skin types. When it comes to choosing a good lotion, the richer the lotion, the better it is.
  • Creams – They are the best option for those with dry skin and for dry areas of the body like the elbows and the knees. They are also easy to apply and just as it is with lotions, the richer the cream, the better.
  • Scented Lotions – They have a light scent that can sometimes be longer lasting than actual perfumes. Scented lotions are also great in that you are achieving two things at once – moisturizing and putting on fragrance.

Putting the Moisturizer On

  • Massage into the skin using firm strokes. This also helps to boost your circulation.
  • Allow time for your skin to fully absorb the moisturizer before putting on your clothes. Try applying moisturizer right after your shower and leave the skin to absorb it whilst you brush your teeth or dry your hair.
  • For the best results, apply your moisturizer onto damp skin preferably right after your bath or shower to help seal extra moisture in the skin.
  • Soften feet by rubbing them with a very rich body lotion or cream and put on a pair of socks before going to bed for beautifully soft skin in the morning.
  • Focus on massaging moisturizer into particularly dry areas like the elbows, knees, and also the legs and calves since they do not have many oil glands.
  • Add a few drops of body oil to your bath water as a quick way to moisturize. The skin will be coated with a thin film of oil when you step out of the bath. Softly rub off the excess water.

Next, let us look at Fixing and Shaping your Eyebrow

Eyebrows are hot fashion news. Thick, natural- looking eyebrows are in and thin drawn- in pencil lines are most definitely out. Follow these steps for beautiful eyebrows:

Decide on the shape you want. Tie your hair up so you can see your whole face Cleanse the area around your eyebrows with toner. Measure where your eyebrow should begin and end. Hold a pencil vertically against the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. That is where your brow should end.

Mark the area where you are going to pluck out hair with a white nail pencil. First, mark the hair between your eyebrows and at the outer corners. Then draw a line under the natural arch of your eyebrows. Pluck only a very thin line of hair from the bottom of your brows- you can always tweeze more out later.

8 simple steps for beautiful eyebrows: 

  1. Decide on the shape you want your brow to be
  2. Tie your hair up so you can see your whole face Cleanse the area around your eyebrows with toner.
  3. Measure where your eyebrow should begin and end
  4. Hold a pencil vertically against the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. That is where your brow should end.
  5. Mark the area where you’re going to pluck out hair with a white nail pencil.
  6. First mark the hair between your eyebrows and at the outer corners.
  7. Then draw a line under the natural arch of your eyebrows.
  8. Pluck only a very thin line of hair from the bottom of your brows – you can always tweeze more out later.

Face Shape

Your eyebrows should never be shaped in a semi-circle or in the shape of an upside down V- it really doesn’t suit anyone. Follow these tips:

  • Oval face: a softly rounded arch
  • Angular face: a more rounded arch
  • Round face: a strongly rounded arch

Balancing act: 

If your eyes are close together, make the space between your eyebrows a bit wider. For eyes that are far apart, the brows should be closer together.

Value tip:

Don’t pluck the top of your eyebrows- it looks unnatural and ruins the curve of your brow.

If you’re reluctant to pluck your own eyebrows, have it done by a professional at a beauty salon, where they have an eye bar especially for this purpose

Time to Fix Your Hair Princess

If you have become stuck in a hair care rut, chances are that your hair is looking dull, flat or unhealthy. Give your hair some bounce this holiday with these expert tips:

  • Keep your hairdryer at least 15 cm away from your head. Your hair will take longer to dry, but you will have a smoother finish. Also, invest in a professional hairdryer (at least 2000 watts). It will make your style last longer
  • Avoid shampoos with high salt (sodium chloride) content, as they will dry out your hair.
  • If you regularly color your hair at home, use an intensive conditioner. Regular home coloring can dry out or damage your hair. Colored hair that is well conditioned also reflects light better, making the color look brighter
  • Always start with a pearl size of styling product and then add some more if needed. Too much styling gel or mousse weighs down your hair
  • The saying ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ does not apply to your hair. If you have been wearing your hair in the same way for the past few years, you have to change it. Your hair becomes thinner as you age, so you must change the cut.
  • If you have curly hair, use a wide-toothed comb, and comb it only when it is wet
  • If you can never get that just-out-of-the-salon look, ask your hairstylist for a back mirror to watch him/her and to talk you through the steps
  • When detangling hair, carefully work from the ends of the hair up towards the roots. Work in small sections and carefully hold the section of hair you are detangling with your fingers to avoid pulling, unnecessary pressure or tearing on the wet hair
  • Work with your hair type. Ask your hairstylist whether the particular style you envision yourself with will suit your hair. Ask for suggestions from your stylist.
  • You don’t have to settle for a style that you don’t like, but their knowledge and experience are valuable

Lipstick Tips: 

How do you know if the shade of lipstick you are wearing actually suits you or if you are putting it on properly? Most women don’t. They wear what they like or take the advice of the salesgirl at the cosmetics counter. You make the purchase, only to find that not one person complimented it or even noticed how great it looked. This may be a result of not being aware of proper colors or techniques. So, the new lipstick ends up in the drawer with the rest of those that didn’t quite look right.

Here are some tips for choosing the right lipstick color and how to put it on so you look like a model:

1) Determine whether you are cool-toned or warm-toned. Cool-toned people will have black or brown hair with red or ash blonde hair. The eyes are blue or brown. The skin will be olive or white in tone. Warm-toned people will have auburn or blonde hair with strawberry or golden highlights. The eyes are green, blue-green, or hazel. The skin will be golden or peachy in tone.

2) Cool-tone colors have blue or red undertones. They are reds, pinks, roses, and violets.

3) Warm-toned colors have yellow or gold undertones. They are bronzes, peaches, oranges, true browns, as well as corals, which will suit both warm and cool-toned.

4) If you are not sure of the undertone in a lipstick, then try it on your hand and see what color it becomes. For example, pink on a cool-toned person tends to go a little purple. If this happens, we know two things: you are cool-toned and so is the lipstick. If this does not happen, then you have a warm lipstick. To keep it from turning purple on your lips, cover them with a bit of concealer, use an orange lip liner and this will counteract the “blue” in your skin and keep the lipstick true to color. This will allow you to wear bright, pulsating colors you thought you couldn’t wear.

5) For daytime, wear a light to medium shade in a matte if your lips are fuller, to create the illusion of smaller lips; or a shimmer if your lips are thinner. That creates the illusion of larger lips.

6) For eveningwear, use a medium to a darker shade of lipstick. Reds, fuchsias, bronzes, gold’s and corals with shimmer will add a touch of glamor to your appearance.

7) When choosing a lip liner, you can match it perfectly or choose a shade darker for a hint of definition to the lips. You can also choose shades that mixed with lipsticks will create new colors.

8) Always sharpen your pencil before using it to avoid thick lines.

9) To give your lips a sexy pout, try filling in your lips with the lip pencil all over the top lip, then only to the outside corners on the bottom lip, leaving the middle blank.  You can also fill in this area with a white pencil. Then apply the lipstick on top.

10) To create a natural look, apply lip liner lightly to the lips and fill in with lipstick.

11) Remember to always coordinate your blush and nails with the lipstick. Your eye colors should also be either cool or warm-toned, depending on the shade of lipstick.

Foundation Tips

For a great makeover, you must start with the right foundation. Whereas eyeshadow, lipstick, and blusher accent the face, it is the foundation that sets the tone for a woman’s appearance.

Face Powder Tips

Set your foundations with a Loose Powder. Keep your compact powder handy for touch-ups during the day. If you ‘glow’ a lot you should use an oil absorbent powder such as Powders in Light, Medium or Dark.

Cheek Color Tips

When applying blush use a darker shade to contour your face and “lift” your cheekbones. Apply from the earlobe downward to mid-cheek so you do not leave a mark of color on the cheek. Use light colors of blush to highlight.

Eye Makeup Tips

Use eye shadows to reflect your every mood. With a bit of practice, you can easily master how to apply your eyeshadow. When applying eyeshadow, remember that dark colors recede features and light colors highlight.

  • Apply the lightest shade over the entire eyelid.
  • Put the medium shade on the lower eyelid.
  • Apply the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye to create depth.
  • Apply eyeliner with short strokes, starting from the center of the eye and working towards the corners.
  • Mascara finishes your makeup. If you have dark eyes use black, navy, dark brown or clear mascara.

Important factors to Remember:

1. Take care of your skin. Good skin makes any makeup look even better.

2. Choose a foundation shade that matches the skin on the neck, not the cheeks. This will help avoid the “light-face” look.

3. Adapt makeup to your age and style. A 60-year-old should not wear the makeup of an 18-year-old.

4. The big mistake that many women make is net blending the makeup–the foundation, the eyeshadow colors, the blush and lipstick. You don’t want to look like you have ten pounds of makeup on. Natural is beautiful.

5. Take care to groom your eyebrows, for they pull your whole look together by framing the face.

6. For a natural summer look, use earthy and bronzy hues. Strive for a classy, and natural. The point is to look naturally beautiful.

7. Golden/brown and orange/coral makeup colors flatter African-American skin tones. For the lips and cheeks, reds and plums create positive energy and life into your look, especially when these colors accent your clothes.

8. Lip liner is the key to making your lips look perfect. Choose a liner in a shade slightly darker than your lip color. If you want lasting color, line the lips first, then fill in with the same pencil before adding lipstick. For those special evenings, top your lipstick with a gold or bronze gloss or lip color.

9. For a big night out, dust your face, neck, shoulders, and cleavage with a shimmering, golden highlighter.

10. Having the right makeup brushes can make a big difference in the overall results. Natural fibers work best. You will need a large, fluffy brush to dust on loose powder after applying foundation. A nice-sized brush is needed for blush, which should be applied in upward strokes from the apple of the cheek toward the temple. A smaller brush is needed for eyeshadow, but make sure it is not too small. Also, you will need a good lipstick brush to finish off your look.

11. The best type of beauty to have comes from within.

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