What’s New in Hemp Fashion?

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What’s New in Hemp Fashion?

Hemp, the non-psychoactive sister plant of cannabis, is one of the oldest crops in the world. People have used hemp for millennia in the making of paper, medicines, and nutrition. Because of the versatility of the plant, it played a major role in the economies of many different countries throughout the years.

Then, thanks to its relationship with marijuana, hemp gained a negative stigma and was eventually banned in the United States. But now, thanks to the hemp bill, which recognizes that the hemp plant contains less than .3% THC and thus is not a psychoactive substance, the plant has been made legal again.

When we talk about the benefits of re-legalizing hemp, we often speak of the plant’s medicinal properties—and those are certainly important. But going back thousands of years, hemp has contributed to the creation of textiles, and today it plays a role in an industry that might surprise some—the fashion industry.

Innovations in Hemp Clothing

When we think of hemp clothing, the first thing that comes to mind might be rough-spun hippie garb that doesn’t necessarily match the modern style or our own aesthetic. But the appearance of hemp clothing has changed with the times. Nowadays, almost anyone can find something made of hemp to match their personal style.

  • The Hempy’s brand has produced a line of t-shirts, beanies, and board shorts. No matter what your style, everyone can always use a t-shirt.
  • If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, try Hoodlamb’s leather jacket, made of hemp and available in styles for men and women.
  • Even your undies can be made of hemp! Check out WAMA for a comfortable and breathable undergarment selection

There are many more brands out there, and they’re all working in the same way to create modern clothes that you would actually want to wear. It would be a mistake to dismiss hemp clothing as too crunchy to investigate. The truth is that in most cases, you won’t even be able to tell that’s what you’re wearing once you’ve got it on!

The Benefits of Hemp Clothing

So it’s nice that we have a new way to use this crop—and it’s nice that we have a crop to rely on to expand the range of textiles we can make. But why should consumers choose hemp clothing?

The truth is that there are tons of benefits to hemp-based clothing.

First and foremost, using hemp to make clothing is an environmentally-friendly choice. If more of us switch to hemp clothing, more hemp will be grown to support that industry—and the hemp plant is an absolute beast when it comes to processing CO2 in the atmosphere. Fields of hemp would be wonderful for our struggling climate, and it’s an easy step you can take. Hemp also requires less water to grow than textile plants like cotton, and it doesn’t require chemical fertilizers for cultivation.

Then there’s the fact that hemp clothing is easy to keep clean because it’s antimicrobial. That also means it’s more durable than other fabrics, so it will last you longer. And as time goes on, it tends to get softer without losing any of its strength. It can even protect you against UV rays.

Hemp is a fabric with a history of being unstylish and uncomfortable to wear—but all that has changed. You can now acquire hemp-based clothes that are fashion-forward and comfortable enough to be worn as undergarments. What’s more, hemp clothing is amazing for the environment. If you haven’t yet explored what hemp-based textiles have to offer, there’s no better time—this industry is truly on the grow.

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