Why to Partner With One Chemical Supplier for Natural Product Sourcing

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Why to Partner With One Chemical Supplier for Natural Product Sourcing

Nowadays, if you are working with natural substances or natural derivatives, choosing the right chemical supplier for natural product sourcing can be very difficult. For some compounds and plant extracts, the market can get so oversaturated that it can be hard to choose the right distributor. And if you have to get your hands on a variety of natural chemicals, it is so convenient to choose one chemical supplier in many cases. Why? Here to explain, we have contacted research and development (R&D) specialists.

What would you say is the most convenient thing about partnering with one chemical supplier?

We would say that the most convenient thing definitely would be efficiency. Not caring about contacting multiple vendors, reducing all the paperwork for orders and deliveries can reduce a lot of pressure from your own company. In addition, all the paperwork that you do not have to do saves human resources, hence time and money.

It seems like you can build stronger relationships with a single distributor

Yes, that is true. When doing the chemistry of natural compounds, building solid relationships with your chemical supplier can benefit you in many ways. For example, if the supplier would introduce a new product in their lineup, you would be the first in the line to check it out.

Also, direct contact can benefit you if some quality issues arrive – a fast and straightforward resolution based on trust. Or just that you can expect, things will proceed as expected – products will come when they should, and they would meet the quality you promised.

Are there any cost benefits?

Indeed, the most noticeable would be a reduction in delivery costs. Getting all of the natural compounds in one shipment is not only cheaper but much more convenient. And with regular and fast deliveries, you can reduce the cost of inventory just simply because you can reduce the average levels of it. Also, quality control can be lower, as you can trust that you are getting the same product as previously.

How should we choose the right chemical supplier?

That is a good question! First and foremost would be the quality that you are getting. Of course, you could always find someone very cheap, but would the purity of that product meet your requirements?

A promising sign that the supplier for natural products chemistry is trustable would be the certificates of analysis:

  • Are there any certificates
  • The actual quality of the product
  • Traceability of that analysis
  • Preparation and quality of the certificate

Such a simple thing can tell whether the vendor is professional and trustworthy.


Sometimes it might seem that switching between multiple vendors and seeking the lowest price could save you so much money, but looking into the benefits mentioned above that you can get from single sourcing seems to balance the weights quite a bit in the opposite direction. So trust in the quality, saved work hours, and being the first to get your hands on the new products is worth it!


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