Top 10 Alternative Medicine Bloggers on Twitter

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Top 10 Alternative Medicine Bloggers on Twitter

Top 10 Alternative Medicine Bloggers on Twitter


This list includes the top 10 alternative medicine bloggers on Twitter. Using Cision’s media database, we compiled the list based on Cision’s proprietary research, with results limited to bloggers who dedicate significant coverage to alternative medicine and therapies, excluding bloggers who primarily cover yoga. This list changes over time as Cision’s scores update in real-time. Tied scores are broken by the number of Twitter followers.

  1. Andrew Weil – Dr. Andrew Weil’s Daily Health Tips
  2. Joy McCarthy – Joyous Health Blog
  3. Johanna Björk – Goodlifer
  4. Stacey Chillemi – Stay Healthy and Cure Your Conditions Naturally
  5. Dr. Axe – Dr. Axe’s Food for Medicine blog
  6. Cathy Wong – Alternative Medicine Blog
  7. Renee Canada –
  8. GreenMedInfo – The Science of Natural Healing
  9. Geo Espinosa – Dr. Geo’s Natural Health Blog
  10. Stacey ChillemiCuring Epilepsy

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