The Progression of Nursing Studies

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The Progression of Nursing Studies

There are a lot of different acronyms in nursing which can sometimes make it difficult to understand the progressions can take with your studies.

Nursing has so many different routes you can take, and for those who wish to pursue them, there are almost endless opportunities for learning. Nursing is a career that can open up many doors, and these are just some of the ones you might be looking at.

Becoming a Registered Nurse

There are a number of routes you can take to becoming a registered nurse (RN). One of the most common is by doing a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree with a top program such as Marian Nursing.

A BSN sets students up to be employed in all areas of nursing, helping to develop the skills that are vital in the industry and preparing those students who wish to go on to further studies.

However, a bachelor’s degree isn’t the only route to becoming a registered nurse. There is also the option of a two-year Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN), or a three-year diploma. While these courses don’t provide quite a broader educational perspective, they are a good way to get into the nursing field and to start getting professional experience more quickly.

Many RN’s who earn an ASN go on to study for their BSN at a later date.

Master’s Level Studies

One of the great things about nursing is there’s always a potential for further study. With the US facing a shortage of registered practitioners, highly skilled nurses are seen as an answer to America’s growing healthcare demand.

After you have earned your BSN and become a registered nurse, there is always the option of furthering your studies by doing a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN).

An MSN is generally a 2-year, full-time course that prepares students to enter a number of different positions such as nurse practitioners, executive leaders, and nurse educators. These are some of the most sort-after positions in the job market, with healthcare institutions recognizing the huge importance of highly trained nurses within the system.

Further Postgraduate Studies

If you wish to continue your studies after your master’s degree, then there are lots of options for postgraduate studies in nursing.

These certificates are designed to forge the leaders of the healthcare system of the future and equip students with the skills to make real change within the industry.

You can choose to further your studies at different points in your career, taking your skills to new levels, and expanding your career options.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

A Doctor of Nursing Practice, or DNP, is seen as a terminal degree in nursing. A Doctorate in nursing is a great way to prepare yourself for higher-level management position within the healthcare system and to take your studies as far as they can go.

A DNP is the culmination of many exciting paths you can take in your nursing career and it’s one that is challenging but extremely rewarding.

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