Tanzanite, Amethyst or Strontium Titanate Gemstones. Which Jewel Is Best? You Decide.

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Tanzanite, Amethyst or Strontium Titanate Gemstones. Which Jewel Is Best? You Decide.

Reasons To Buy Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is the most popular gemstone after sapphire. However, it costs a lot less than sapphire. The stone comes in a variety of colors. They range from violet, purple to various shades of blue. Tanzanite and sapphire gemstones can cost a lot more than tanzanite. This makes tanzanite perfect for those who want to have a rare gemstone at the fraction of the cost of a lot of other gems that cost a lot.

Blue Zircon is not the only birthstone for December now as Tanzanite is also being considered for being a birthstone for the same now. There is no gemstone that has the violet shade of blue color that the Tanzanite gemstone has. The color of the gemstone changes with the changes in the lighting condition around it. It takes a deeper shade when it is in dim light and becomes bluer in brighter environments.

Tanzanite has a higher clarity than many other popular gems. Not many gems can match the clarity that Tanzanite has. Tanzanite will become rarer with time as it is only available in limited quantities and the mine will run out of the gym in the near future.

Sapphire and Amethyst are mimicked by the Tanzanite gemstone. It displays color properties that match both the gemstones and is a sight to behold. Tanzanite Jewelry is a must-have for anyone who wants to have a rare gem that is an extension of their personality and exhibits grandness. 


Reasons To Buy Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst gemstone looks the best in the season of winter. The natural colors of the winter season complement the beauty of these gemstones and lead to a beautiful shade rarely found in any other gemstone. Even gray and black outfits go well with this perfect gemstone that is a must-have for those who wear what matters to them.

Amethyst rings are the best ones that go with nearly any dress when it comes to accessories. The birthstone of the month of February is Tanzanite. It is also said to be the harbinger of love, creativity, and blessings for those born in the month of February.

Greek mythology states that one does not get drunk even after they drink if they have the amethyst gemstone, though this theory is not tested. Amethyst rings are the perfect valentine’s day gift. It is said that the Amethyst ring was worn by St. Valentine himself. The image of Cupid was said to be embossed upon it. 

The Amethyst gemstone also goes well with other gemstones and adds to their shine. Brazil is the best source of Amethyst gemstone. The quality is said to be the most superior and top-notch. 

Those who want to start collecting gemstones can do so with this beautiful gemstone. It is not too heavy on the pocket, and also does not lack any of the qualities that make a gemstone a rare and valuable one. One can quite easily afford to own Amethyst jewelry compared to jewelry made of other gemstones of comparable quality.

Amethyst rings can be gifted to your loved one as they are a perfect gift for someone on a special occasion, especially in the month of February as it might also turn out to be lucky for the wearer. 

Reasons To Buy Strontium Titanate Jewelry

Strontium titanate is stronger than diamond. The closest gemstone to diamond is Strontium Titanate and this is the reason why it is so popular industry-wide and is considered to be very valuable and expensive. Pendants made of Strontium Titanate are considered to be very beautiful. Strontium Titanate earrings are also said to be very pretty. The stone can be of red, brown, gray, or similar colors.

The stone is translucent. It can also be opaque but that does not diminish its beauty in any sense. Strontium Titanate is one of the only naturally occurring gemstones to be made inside a lab. That too before it was found that it exists in the natural form in nature as well.

The flame fusion process is used to create Strontium Titanate. Oxygen is used to combine powdered strontium and titanium. The cooled crystal is perfect to be used to make pieces of jewelry. It is also used to make precision optics. Superconducting ceramics also find the use of powdered Strontium Titanate to be helpful in increasing the functionality of the equipment.

It can easily get scratched due to it being soft in nature. Hence, it has to be handled with care and has to be cleaned only with a soft cloth. Cleaning liquids are to be avoided and special care has to be taken while cleaning this stone. One can buy Strontium Titanate in the loose form as a gemstone that they can keep with themselves. Strontium Titanate jewelry is also very popular and has found its way to becoming a well-known stone that is considered to be at par with diamond.

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