Massage when dealing with stress: the psychology of healing touches

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Massage when dealing with stress: the psychology of healing touches

Sometimes people don’t understand what a strong connection there is between body and mind. Our body subconsciously reacts to negative triggers in our life.  Problems at work, conflict with acquaintances and friends, an unsatisfactory state in life, and much more. Such things gradually lead to the fact that we have health problems.

The snag of our health is that our body equally perceives any situation as stress that does not fit into our daily happy life. The real danger to life and being late for work due to traffic jams is perceived by our body as absolutely equal stress factors.

Living by the rules of a civilized society, we have become inherent in the ability to suppress both the physiological reactions of our body and the emotional ones. This in turn leads to muscle, psychological and emotional exhaustion.

When in an unfavorable situation, our muscles are the first to react to stress. Their movement becomes constrained, overstrain begins due to the fact that they cannot relax on their own.

Cortisol, a hormone produced by our body under stress, has a detrimental effect on the movement of blood through the vessels. Because of this, we have anxiety, the heart begins to beat wildly and it becomes difficult for us to breathe.

No matter how hard it is to believe it, 80% of our diseases appear precisely because of nervous shocks.

The secret of healing touches

Massage is one of the most effective methods of dealing with constant anxiety and stress. Each type of massage to one degree or another will help your body to relax, restore normal blood circulation and reduce psychological stress.

Touch Research Institute (TRI) has done research on healing touches. The study involved two control groups. The first group attended massage sessions twice a week, which took only a quarter of an hour.

The second group just sat during these sessions. Before the start of testing and at the end of 5 weeks, doctors took saliva sampling from all participants in the two groups in order to measure the level of the hormone cortisol in their blood. The results have been overwhelming. The first group showed results of a significant reduction in the level of anxiety and tension.

Based on the study, we can conclude that it is enough for our body to be given a small push in the right direction, and after a while, the cogs in a complex mechanism will be able to start the process of recovery and normalization of our body on their own. The body will independently remove harmful toxins and harmful substances.

Advantages of relaxing massage

A relaxing massage affects all points of our body. No part will go unnoticed. During the session, the receptors of the nerve endings send messages to our brain that we are doing alright. This leads to an improvement in our psychological state since when we are being touched, our body produces the hormone of joy – endorphin.

If you systematically start attending sessions of a relaxing massage, then after a couple of sessions you will notice positive improvements in your body and your psychosomatic state will return to normal.

According to Massage in Dubai Each of us needs to learn not to neglect ailments in our body. Most people are looking forward to a vacation or weekend in order to get some rest and relaxation. However, our body accumulates harm, and it splashes out on all our systems and organs.

You should immediately seek help from specialists. There is a wide selection of massage types, and the specialists will do their utmost to ensure that your body and mind are in complete harmony.  Massage therapy is the way to go.


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