How to Save a Hermie Plant?

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How to Save a Hermie Plant?

Are you surprised at seeing both female and male parts in your newly flowering plant? Are you wondering how to save your hermie plant? You aren’t alone. The lack of quality seeds is making more and more plants develop early signs of hermie plant signs.

Once you start noticing hermie plants in your grow room, you have two choices.

  • Either you can act hasty and chop off the hemp plant;
  • Or you can read through this article and save your hermie plant,

Most of the options work during early signs of the hermie plant. However, there is no harm in trying your luck at later stages too.

Before trying any of the options, check if your plant has any of the early signs of a hermie plant. There can be several other reasons for female parts to become unhealthy.

For instance, pistils can turn orangish-yellow due to intense light, dry environment, or genetics.

If you fail to see no male parts but only deteriorating female parts, your plant is most likely not hermie. The better you monitor your plant, the better the chances of choosing the right solution. Here are the three most recommended ways to save a hermie plant.

Pluck-out the Male Parts

If you can easily spot bananas or pollen sacks in your hermie plant, take no time in plucking them out. It’s always good to pluck out the balls before they burst and pollinate. If you manage to timely ‘weed’ out, you can pull off a normal harvest with a few seeds.

However, plucking out all the balls from each stem is a considerable time investment, especially in large-sized plants. You can surely limit the magnitude of damage through this method. There are still high chances of you missing some hidden balls.

When your plant shows early signs of hermie plant, it is easy to keep up with the drill. Initially, the balls will be wet and easy to spot and pluck. Later, as the hidden ones mature exponentially, it gets trickier.

Hence, it is nearly impossible to have a seedless harvest from your hermie plant through this method. However, it involves no monetary investment and is a simple yet tedious way to save your hermie plant.

Use Pollen Control

Pollen control is not a stand-alone method. It is paired with the weeding-out method to ensure a better harvest.

When you are up for plucking balls, keep a water spray bottle along. Spray the areas from where you pluck the balls. This will reduce the chances of pollen spreading elsewhere. Water spray will make the pollen die.

Water spray before and after plucking balls makes pollen wet and kills the chances of fertilization. Dead pollen can contribute way more to a good harvest than dry plucking alone.

Use the Magical Dutch Master Reverse

The Dutch Master Reverse spray has proved to inhibit male flower maturity in hermie plants. The active Phospholipids are why we see seedless watermelons grow perfectly. This formula is engineered to cease male traits and parts to grow in hermaphroditic plants.

The reverse process doesn’t only kill existing male parts but also inhibits future growth.

Using a reverse spray is essential when you want to save your hermie plant from seeds without side effects or chances. To understand the almost magical result, you must understand the process behind it.

The seeds in hermie plants’ harvest are due to the pollination of female flowers.

A female flower sets fruit or seed only after being pollinated. The pollination hinders its blooming process. The reverse process eliminates male flowers to kill the source of pollination and hence the seeds.

Unlike many other products, the Dutch Master Reverse saves you from substantially altering nutrient strength balance. It also doesn’t cause any droops or other side effects.

You can safely kill the male traits while keeping the rest of the plant healthy. This uniquely engineered formula also keeps the female buds healthy while drying out or hardening the male parts.

When to spray?

The reverse spray should be used on the first and tenth day of flowering. However, you can repeat the spray in the third week to completely avoid regrowth. You may also consider spraying your new crops, which have not yet shown the early signs of hermie plant, to ensure that they don’t get affected in the future.

Some online resources claim the Dutch Master Reverse to be an effective solution for hydroponic environments only. However, we found considerable evidence for similar results for plants growing in soil as well.

How to spray?

Spray your hermie plants within a few days from when it started flowering. Do so until the leaves are saturated, and then take a break till the 10th day.

Ideally, you should use the Dutch Master Reverse with a penetrator spray. As the name suggests, the penetrator ensures complete infusion of the formula into your plant.

However, you have to be quick when you combine the reverse spray with a penetrator. Once combined, the mixture must be sprayed within 15 minutes, or it loses its efficacy. Also, keep an eye on the mixture proportions to avoid any unfavorable consequences.

A penetrator spray is indeed catalytic yet not absolutely mandatory to save your hermie plant. Growers have seen tremendous results with the elimination of male flowers even without a penetration spray.


Hence, if you haven’t sent it to the compost bin, there’s hope for your hermie plant. You can start by simply plucking off male parts.

If you are looking for more assurance, simply keep a water spray bottle along and keep killing the nasty pollen as you pluck the balls.

If you don’t have the patience to see that last ball hiding in a corner, invest in a good quality reverse spray. Pairing the reverse spray with a penetrator will save time and ensure even better results.


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