BACKYARD Dutch Oven COOKING shows how to make mouthwatering meals in a Dutch oven

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BACKYARD Dutch Oven COOKING shows how to make mouthwatering meals in a Dutch oven

 “BACKYARD Dutch Oven COOKING” is an excellent cookbook for someone who wants to learn how to make delicious Dutch oven meals and desserts with some scrumptious recipes that are fun and easy to make even for someone like myself who is not so savvy when it comes to making meals in a Dutch oven.

This book was unique and interesting read packed with lip-smacking recipes both delicious and easy to make, which not only taste good, but they’re fun to make with the entire family as well.

The book begins with some valuable information to help guide you with your successful venture making delicious meals and desserts using a Dutch oven.  Tracy prepared prior to using the Dutch oven, so you have the necessary tools to make your masterpiece meal or dessert.

The beginning of the book Martin explains how to use it, teaching the reader how to properly prepare, and set up the Dutch oven along with how to master temperature control.  This is great for someone who is new to using a Dutch oven and if you have some experience behind your belt already I guarantee that you’ll learn a few things in this section as Martin provides many useful tools tips and strategies including how many coals to use in different size Dutch ovens.

As you continue reading, you will find tons of phenomenal recipes with unique flavors.  The book contains recipes for breakfast dishes, bread, soups and chilies, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, sauces, toppings and frosting recipes.  This book contains great recipes for all occasions.

This book even provides you many desserts to make with a Dutch oven which I thought was great.  To see how well the recipes really have I put it to the challenge by using one of their recipes for dessert when I had the family over.

I made the Apple Raisin Upside-Down Cake, on page 87.  It was delicious and the best part was that it was the talk of the party.  The cake was devoured in a matter of minutes!

I enjoyed how the book provides you with the stepping-stones and techniques to make unique recipes using a Dutch oven.  Bruce Tracy the author provides the reader with extraordinary tools and techniques and easy-to-make recipes that will capture your taste buds.

This “BACKYARD Dutch Oven COOKING cookbook” was remarkable.  Tracy’s book is an excellent cookbook packed with phenomenal information and recipes to help you make delicious, easy-to-make meals, side dishes, desserts and more using a Dutch oven.  I found this book to be interesting and enjoyable to read.  I recommend this book to others.


ISBN: 978-1462114207, $12.99 128 pages

BACKYARD Dutch Oven COOKING shows how to make mouthwatering meals in a Dutch oven

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