4 Tips To Combat Foot Pain

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4 Tips To Combat Foot Pain

Foot pain can be truly agonizing and may make it hard to get through your day. There are several different causes of foot pain. To properly deal with foot pain there are both preventative and corrective measures that you can take.

The feet are what ground you, support you and carry you from one place to the next. Ensuring they are functioning at their optimum level is essential in allowing you to navigate your day to day activities. In the event, your feet have been aching and giving you trouble, here are some essential ways to alleviate the pain.

Tai Chi

Your tai chi practice can be instrumental in lessening the pain that you experience in your feet. Many of the moves within the practice are meant to distribute your weight from one leg to the other. This swaying and distribution help to stretch and strengthen the ligaments in your foot. Sinking to and through the feet can elongate tight or improperly used muscles as well.

The amount of flexibility and strength that you’ll develop in your feet, ankles, calves, and legs by being consistent in your movements and practice will help stabilize the plantar fascia. Once your practice develops and you’ve become seasoned in tai chi, you’ll start to notice when the energy properly distributes from the top of your body downward. Being planted fully in your feet will better engage every part of the foot.

Massage your feet

If you’re constantly walking or standing, your feet are utilized heavily for a good portion of your day. It’s easy for the stress and strain to build and compact. At the end of a long day, properly tending to your feet by massaging it can help to loosen the muscles of the foot. These muscles get weary, tight and constricted. It’s imperative to practice soothing and loosening tactics to ease the muscles.

Foot scrubbers that can be used in the shower or bathtub are a handy tool to implement as well. These scrubbers can easily access and activate your arch, heels, and angles of your foot while also increasing foot pliability and hygiene by eliminating the culmination of dead skin on the feet. This type of footcare may seem entirely cosmetic, but it helps to stimulate the nerves, ligaments, and muscles in the foot.

Wear proper shoes

Making sure that you are wearing shoes that properly fit your feet is crucial. Poorly fitting shoes will unnecessarily leave your foot irritated and feeling compacted. Undue pressure can cause heel spurs, bunions and other types of foot issues. Another way of ensuring the adequate protection of your foot while inside your shoe is to opt for insoles.

Shoe insoles are inserts that can be slipped in and worn to help add extra support and padding to your shoe. Insoles are entirely customizable to your foot. If you have flat feet, specific insole types will provide you with extra cushion and support. If you have high arches, there are insoles available that will hug your arch perfectly.

Elevate your feet

Giving your feet necessary rest is critical in properly caring for them. Because so much pressure, energy and stress stay localized in your feet, the pull of gravity works well inversely. Propping your legs up on a stack of pillows is a good option. Another great option is laying on your back, raising your legs straight up and resting them against a wall.

This is a move known in yoga as “legs up the wall” which helps mitigate all of the tension and pressure that is caused by tired, overworked feet. When we are upright, poor circulation can sometimes cause blood flow to pool at the feet. Letting your feet rest higher than your heart in this specific pose has been found to help lower cholesterol as well as aids foot swelling and pain.


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