How A Medical Answering Service Handles Angry Callers?

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How A Medical Answering Service Handles Angry Callers?

The services of a 24-hour answering agency are appreciated in medical practices. It is a good idea to understand how they work. These handle a variety of calls to your practice including from angry or unhappy callers. Imagine how the call agents bear the brunt. Luckily, these are highly trained to handle all calls in the best way possible since they are the face of your practice.

Call agents handle all callers in the best way possible to give them satisfaction. With exceptional customer service, you obviously get good value for money. This article is going to show you how professional medical answering service agents have strategies for angry callers. Below is how.

Calmness and courteousness

Call agents always stay calm and courteous when faces with frustrated customers. This ensures offering a high level of customer service regardless of the circumstances. These agents are trained not to take things personal with callers. The agents focus on why the caller is frustrated to allow dealing with the customer’s issue effectively. Remaining calm and courteous when handling all callers is essential to eliminate customer service nightmare.

Using a script

Making the most of the services of professional answering service requires good collaboration. You have a chance to give them a script to use when handling callers to your practice. The agents will always follow this script to your satisfaction. With your medical practice answering service using your personalized script to deal with angry callers, you avoid chances of mishaps or guesswork. With call agents having various go-to phrases, your customers will have a good experience leading to a boost in satisfaction.

Staying neutral

Apart from using a soft tone, professional answering agents always remain neutral when dealing with frustrated and angry callers. This is done without agreeing or disagreeing with the customer. Rebuking the customer for the wrong they did creates more frustration while flattery doesn’t do any good either. Avoiding this is best done by not responding to all angry comments the caller might make. Allowing them to vent their anger and frustration might help to soothe them down.

Relying on facts

Another way call agents handle angry callers is returning to facts. This might make the caller realize where they went wrong and makes it easy to define solutions to the issue. Using facts allows the caller to realize what they should have done before getting angry or frustrated. This is a simple way to avoid the situation from escalating before getting out of control.

Listening to callers

When someone is seething with anger, allowing them to talk helps to cool off some of the steam. This is the same technique professional call agents use to deal with angry callers. Allowing them talk makes them express the cause of their anger before calming down. Afterward, the agents ask basic questions to get to the underlying cause of the frustration. Having to talk to someone who listens is enough to give callers a positive experience.

Focusing on offering assistance

By the time someone picks up the phone to call their favorite physician, they usually have an issue that needs a solution. Therefore, ideal call agents are always focused on resolving customer issues. This might require interjection through helpful insights to mitigate the issue. Focusing on the customer issue is essential for providing an appropriate solution to the issue.

The right tone of voice

The tone of voice can make a caller happy or frustrated. An answering service has agents who understand the use of an appropriate tone when handling frustrated and angry callers. A soothing tone is enough to calm down the caller before the agent suggests a solution to their issue. Call agents always use a soft tone that conveys empathy to angry callers without mocking or laughing at their situations.

Never saying “No”

Customers always want to feel like they are in control even why they are in the wrong. When faced with angry callers, professional call agents avoid telling callers “No” regardless of the situation. Perhaps the caller has issues with their medication or asking to cancel their appointment. Giving them a direct “No” is likely to catch them off guard. This is likely to make the caller angrier and calming them will become harder. The trick is to allow the caller to vent out their anger. This might make the person realize how they might have handled the issue and calm down.

Staying positive

Finally, maintaining a positive outlook of everything is very important in life. To professional call agents, staying positive is second nature. This positivity wears on the callers to make them understand that their issue is about to get resolved. Only positivity can rebuff caller negativity to increase satisfaction level and for a positive experience from your practice.


Teaming up with a professional answering service is a necessity for your medical practice today. Among the various benefits is handling angry callers with a soft tone and using your script to handle various customer situations.

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