Does Body Contouring Surgery Really Work?

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Body Contouring Surgery

Does Body Contouring Surgery Really Work?

Irrespective of how much exercise or diet you do, you’re not always happy with your shape. There are some parts that are really tough to work on, especially after a certain age. Body contouring is a clinical remedy to fix your body and make it perfectly toned.

If you’re looking for a surgery type to tighten your tummy, arms, thighs, and buttock, consider body contouring. It is an advanced clinical therapy that improves your shape and makes you look a lot younger.

You might need body contouring even if you’re a lot into fitness and diet. Similar to going to the gym regularly and eating well, you need to carefully plan how to do and maintain contouring. You also need to know what the outcome will be like and if you should at all do it or not.

How does body contouring work?

Surgeries that help us shape our body can remove excess fat, tighten skin, and re-contour our look. Plastic surgeons suggest that there are two basics reasons why people do surgery – to have massive weight loss or to target specific areas that are not in the best shape.

For both cases, you might need to follow more than one procedure to achieve the best result. There are different stages that experts will suggest according to your body type and requirement.

For instance, you might think you need a tummy tuck, but to get you in shape, experts might need you to go through panniculectomy. It is a form of tissue and skin removal below your belly button to help you achieve the best contouring.

Specialists at Balanced Bodies Anti Aging Clinic analyze what you need, and give you a proper treatment of body contouring. They target specific areas like:

Stomach and waist

Having abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck is a form of cosmetic operation. It helps you achieve the perfect shape you want and remove excess fat from your skin and abdomen.

You also go through a muscle reposition process to tighten the stretched abdominal muscles. The expert treating you might extend the incision to help you get rid of excess skin from your back – you might need this after massive weight loss.

If you choose the panniculectomy or skin/tissue removal method, it’ll seem more reconstructive. You can also go for liposuction to keep everybody part in proportion. It helps you remove excess fat around the thigh or arm area to match it up with the tummy contouring.

Buttock, thighs, and hips

Liposuction is the primary way you can remove fat from your buttocks. It is the same for your thighs and hips but it doesn’t help you get rid of loose skin.

Buttock lift helps you remove both fat and skin, but thigh lift only focuses on tightening your tissues. Your expert might suggest you to only go through liposuction and thigh lift if you want to address it primarily.


You might need an arm lift to remove excess skin and reshape the upper part. Just like thigh lift, your upper arm might also need liposuction. Arms are usually the toughest part to lose weight and it needs special attention.

Full body

Body lift helps you remove excess skin in an overall, cut down on fat, and also improve cellulite condition. If you need to lose more than 100 pounds through surgery, you will definitely need to work on the full body.

Full body contouring helps you reshape both your upper and lower body. You will have to go through several surgeries and it will take you a lot of time.

The upper lift focuses on your arms, back, and breasts, while the lower body lift helps you remove stomach, hips, thighs, and buttock. Body lift also helps you treat your chin and face. These areas might also need liposuction.

 Do you really need body contouring?

Anybody who finds it tough to get the best body shape through exercise and diet can try body contouring. You might want to lose a lot of weight or simply make a few body corrections to have the best.

You just need to know all about what you’re getting into and choose the best experts in town for treatment. The right cosmetic surgeon will help you understand what you need and why you should choose body contouring. They will help you make lifestyle and diet changes to help you cope up with the surgery.

Side effects of body contouring

You have to be upfront about your medical condition to prevent any possible side effect. If your body is not suitable because of your health condition or medications, you might not qualify for contouring.

Choosing to contour your body even after not having a suitable body type can leave you with several health issues. Only choose to take this up for your body when it can withstand the surgical processes.

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