Cancer and CBD Oil for Dogs – Things to Know

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Cancer and CBD Oil for Dogs – Things to Know

The rise of cancer in pets has forced pet lovers to look for gentle treatments, have fewer side effects, and don’t cost a fortune. As CBD is used to treat cancer in humans, its use in canine treatment is not far behind. Here we have discussed CBD oil for dogs, cancer in the dogs, and the use of CBD in treatment.

Is Cancer Common in Dogs?

According to medical findings, dogs are susceptible to cancer like humans, and there are chances 1 out of 3 dogs might develop some cancer in their life. Cancer is also the leading reason for death in dogs less than two years old.

Also, dogs over ten years old are more likely to develop some cancer in later life. Since the disease is common in dogs, pet owners should familiarize themselves with CBD oil for dogs and its use in cancer treatment.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is better known as cannabinoids. It is a naturally existing compound in the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD oils are an extraction from the hemp plant. Once the material from the hemp plant is extracted, it is mixed with an oil to create and maintain consistency.

Unlike THC, CBD does not result in a distinctive high after it’s administered to the dog. The main reason to use CBD is its ability to offer natural relief from anxiety disorders and pain. There is confusion between marijuana and CBD. Though they are derived from the same parent plant, they have different properties.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment?

Cannabis oil is used to treat pain in dogs caused by a range of illnesses, including muscle injuries and cancer. The chemical compounds in CBD oil interact with the dog’s endocannabinoid system and effectively manages a wide variety of pain. For the same reason, CBD oil is used as a dual treatment with traditional therapies and improves the quality of life in dogs.

CBD oil for dogs is also considered effective in cancer treatment in canines. The compounds in CBD oil initiate a process known as cancer apoptosis that refers to the death of cancer cells. CBD is a complete treatment for cancer in dogs, and it is less expensive than traditional cancer treatment methods that can cost around $3000 to $10000 and also has some side effects.

Are There Any Risks Involved in Using CBD Oil to Treat Cancer in Dogs?

CBD Oil for dogs has minimal risks in comparison to other cancer treatments. The most significant risk is the absence of regulation in CBD products. Hence, choosing the right CBD product is of critical importance when using it to treat cancer in dogs.

Not all products in the market go through adequate testing, and some may contain a negligible quantity of CBD and higher quantities of THC. This results in more side effects and also decreases the effectiveness of CBD in treating cancer in dogs.

When you are looking for CBD oil for dogs, perform research, read online reviews, and buy from a reputed and trusted source. If you are careful about these things, it will help to find a product that can work wonders for your dog in cancer treatment.

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