6 Surprising Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight Today

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6 Surprising Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight Today

Losing weight doesn’t have to taste like cardboard, far from it. Some of the most delicious, fatty, and sugary foods can help you to slim down. Why? Because they help keep your appetite in check, boost your body’s metabolism and more. From chocolate (yes!) to pasta, here are six great foods that are perfect for your weight loss program.

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Rejoice, chocolate is not only delicious it also helps you to lose weight. However, before you reach for the brownies, a word of caution: it’s only dark chocolate containing at least 70% cacao that’s been shown to help you shift the pounds.

Dark chocolate provides a boost to your metabolism, reducing the number of fatty acids that your body digests and absorbs. Dark chocolate is also effective at controlling your appetite, decreasing your body’s insulin resistance and levels of ghrelin  – a hormone that increases your appetite.



Loaded with calories, (562 per 100g), and fat, pistachios are one of the last foods you’d expect to shed the pounds. Well, think again! Pistachios are full of protein and fiber, each of which is great at controlling your appetite – together they keep you full and stop you from overeating.

An important thing to know about pistachios is that, though they are very fatty, the fats contained in these nuts is monounsaturated – AKA, the good type of fat. Monounsaturated fat is a crucial part of a healthy diet, making your skin and hair healthier and keeping your cholesterol levels safe.


Green and found at the bottom of the garden (with all the birds and the bees), peas are great as a snack or as part of your main meal. Peas are also full of nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber – it’s the fiber that really makes peas great for getting slimmer, as it is a powerful appetite suppressant.

Peas aren’t only good for helping you to ease into your swim shorts and bikini, they can also help to prevent cancer – this is because they contain saponins, a plant compound which has been shown to have anti-cancer qualities. One thing to keep in mind when making peas part of your diet is that they can cause bloating, so don’t eat too many!

Carrot-Mango Smoothie


Bugs Bunny’s favorite snack is not only a delightful shade of orange and as crisp as a newly pressed shirt, but carrots are also low in calories and high in fiber – the perfect food combination for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

In addition to helping you drop a few belt size, eating carrots makes you less likely to develop heart disease – so there’s a reason Bugs was able to keep getting the better of Elmer Fudd! This is because carrots help to reduce your blood cholesterol levels by binding with and removing bile acids from your body.



Banna’s, filled with sugar? Check. High in carbs? Ditto. But despite having high levels of two of the things you associate with weight gain, bananas are a sweet way of losing weight. Curious how? I’ll reveal all.

Bananas are high in fiber. This means that unlike other sugary treats and snacks, such as ice cream, brownies, and cheesecake, bananas won’t leave you with an empty stomach that you can fill up with more of bad foods.


What’s that you say: “pasta, now you’re really pulling my leg…” The thing is, though, pasta really can help you to lose weight. How? Because pasta has a low glycemic index (GI), meaning that it’s one of the good carbs that is absorbed at a slower pace by your body.

Dr. John Sievenpiper, a researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, conducted a study into the relationship between pasta and weight loss. Sievenpiper explains: “In fact analysis actually showed a small weight loss. So contrary to concerns, perhaps pasta can be part of a healthy diet such as a low-GI diet.” What you must bear in mind with pasta, though, is that you need to eat the whole weight variety, as white pasta has not been shown to aid weight loss. 

If weight loss was easy no one would need to watch what they eat. While chocolate, pistachios, peas, carrots, bananas, and pasta, can all help you to shift pounds, if you want to get slim you also need to exercise, sleep well, and drink lots of water. So start your day with a banana and finish it with some dark chocolate, but make sure you do all the other things you need to do to lose weight in-between.

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