5 Mysterious Magical Herbs You Don’t Know Yet Exist

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Lemon Balm

5 Mysterious Magical Herbs You Don’t Know Yet Exist

Herbs have always been with a sense of mystic, wonder, and treasured abilities to enrich human lives. Since herbs are mostly plants embraced with the essence of Mother Nature, their superb benefits are absolutely surprising and enthralling in all respect with no potential harm to human lives. So, you could always rely on these incredible gifts of nature to heal health ailments and keep your body in good shape.

Well, there are thousands of herbs out there, and some of them you could recognize easily. Many of them, you use in your everyday life in your kitchen, or in some other ways.  However, there are herbs that are completely guided by human visibility and hardly many people know about them. Let’s take a look at those mysterious five herbs.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm seems so much relevant to lemon in your vivid imagination. However, the lemon balm looks pretty much similar to mint and tastes a little bit like lemon. It is completely edible and is perfect for all your fresh salad recipes lacking a touch of fresh taste. Plus, these herbs can also be used with fresh drinks to exaggerate that sour minty flavor for the magical touch.


Kratom is a native South East Asian herb that has recently got the attention of netizens. In fact, people buy kratom US to meet their most crucial needs and avail the benefit like relaxation, blood pressure control, and several other unknown hidden benefits. If you want to get kratom, go check the website.

Apple Mint

Apple mint is one of those hidden varieties of mint and is considered among the lesser-known herb. With less active content of menthol, apple mint contains the fresh minty aroma and is used in several concoctions, drinks, smoothies, salads, and eatables. Plus, this herb can easily blend in tea to give you a refreshing shot of juicy minty flavor on your taste buds.


Culantro is native to Mexico and is recognized as European Cilantro. No doubt, this is absolutely similar in name and taste to Culantro which is already used in various cuisines. When added to dishes and salads, the herb adds a rich taste and aroma to the food. Plus, it can be added to various Chinese dishes and soups to pop up the authentic style and taste of European cuisine.


Citronella is so much identical to lemongrass in appearance and is identified as an herb with a bulb. This is one of the root herbs with a dark purple stem and finds its place in stews and soups. Among its use, it is acknowledged for its essential oil and ability to keep mosquitoes away. And, with such a strong aroma it could be potentially used to prepare perfumes as well.

Bottom Line

Life has so much diversity around that keeping one’s eyes set may let to miss the incredible world around. When we discovered these 5 herbs, this is what we sensed about the nature that belongs to this planet and the people who live on it.


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