When Aching Becomes Unbearable: 7 Signs Your Tooth Is Infected

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When Aching Becomes Unbearable: 7 Signs Your Tooth Is Infected

Dental patients seek emergency dental services when facing a serious risk. Tooth damage, wisdom teeth problems, and pain are common reasons for seeking emergency assistance. Reviewing the seven signs the tooth is infected helps patients determine if they need to schedule emergency dental services right now.

Severe Pain When Eating

Experiencing severe pain indicates the tooth is infected. The presence of pain is an indicator the tooth requires immediate attention, and the patient needs to see their dentist promptly. If the discomfort doesn’t subside with over-the-counter pain medication, the tooth might have a more severe infection and needs antibiotics to eliminate the infection. Patients who have an infected tooth need to find an Emergency Dentist Near Me now.

The Tooth is a Dark Color

If the tooth is a dark color, it is more than likely infected and requires immediate attention. When a tooth is rotten, it becomes discolored, and the discoloration won’t come off no matter how much the patient brushes it. If the tooth is rotten, the dental professional will need to extract it after they treat the infection.

Swelling of the Jaw or Face

The swelling of the jaw or face indicates that a tooth has a severe infection. This happens most often with a wisdom tooth that has become infected and abscessed. The dentist will need to treat the infection and schedule the surgical removal of the tooth. The patient will need to take antibiotics, and the dentist will provide painkillers as needed.

The Presence of a Bad Taste

The presence of bad taste in the mouth is a symptom of an infected tooth. With an infected tooth, it doesn’t matter how much mouthwash the patient uses, the taste isn’t going anywhere until the tooth is treated.

Sudden Pain When Moving the Mouth

Sudden pain when moving the mouth is an indicator of an infected tooth. The patient could experience lockjaw and have limitations when opening their mouth. Major infections can produce severe jaw pain and damage to the surrounding tissue if the infection isn’t treated properly.

The Presence of a Fever

The presence of fever could indicate the tooth infection has entered the bloodstream. When the infection enters the bloodstream, it increases risks to the patient’s health and well-being. An untreated infection in the mouth can lead to a fatality if it enters the bloodstream. An abscess is particularly dangerous and presents more risks to the patient. The dentist might perform emergency surgery to remove the tooth and fight the infection with antibiotics.

Swelling with Pus

Swelling with pus around the gumlines is an indicator of an infection or abscess. The conditions indicate a more severe infection and are the most common signs of an abscessed wisdom tooth. Antibiotics and extractions are necessary and could prevent more serious health risks to the patient.

Dental patients who suspect an infected tooth need a fast examination and antibiotics. An infection in a tooth can enter the bloodstream if it goes untreated and could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. An infected or abscessed tooth presents an emergency situation for dental patients and requires fast attention to protect the patient’s health. Reviewing the seven signs of an infected tooth helps patients determine if it is time to visit their dental professional for emergency services.


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