The Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set

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The Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set

“The Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set is a unique, fun, creative toy that will spark your child’s imagination” 

The Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set will exercise your child’s mind and enhance their creative abilities.  Wanderlust Paris is an excellent handcrafted, wooden toy play set kids can take with them while traveling or on vacation or just to use in the home.

What I like about this product is that your child can bring it everywhere and it actually stimulates different parts of your child’s brain.   Children are naturally inquisitive and each child carries some creative nature, some more than others do.  Some of them question absolutely everything, but an inquisitive nature should be nourished and encouraged. A parent’s effort to stimulate a child’s mind when they are young can build a positive foundation for all learning. An active mind allows for a better experience throughout a child’s educational path and is a key component of a happy, healthy and productive life. Activities that encourage a child to learn are essential to early brain growth and development.

The Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set is an excellent product for children.  My niece loved it and still plays with it.   She brings it everywhere she goes.

Benefits of Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set


The Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set is a great way to help kids learn how to expand their imagination and enhance their creative skills. The handcrafted, wooden felt toy playset includes everything your child needs to learn, grow, and have lots of fun!


Made from strong and durable wood, the handcrafted Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set is sturdy enough to act as a guideline for children of all ages. The Play Set includes a wooden storage case, which is made to withstand the rigors of travel so your child can enjoy their play set at home or on-the-go!


Inside the Play Set INCLUDES locking plastic storage case, you’ll find 30 reusable plastic stencils, a set of 14 HANDCRAFTED WOODEN pieces resembling Paris! The carry case is sturdy, and perfect to keep all the pieces well organized, so they don’t get all over the place.  Your little one can carry creative inspiration everywhere you wish!


The Wanderlust Paris Once Kids Play Set comes complete with everything you need including a wooden storage case with easy open and close access so you can keep everything together in a neat and safe fashion! The playset is available on-the-go so your child can enjoy them anywhere you go. You’ll never lose a thing!

The product came quickly, packaged well looked great and the price of the product is just right.  In addition, the best thing about this product is that it is not just fun but educational too.  It is enhancing brain growth and sparking their imagination and creativity.  I rather have my child playing with toys like these than on all his electronic devices.


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