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When Your Relationship Changes: A Woman’s Journey Book Review

When Your Relationship Changes: A Woman’s Journey is an empowering, informative, and motivational read. Dr. Kathryn Foster’s book,” When Your Relationship Changes: A Woman’s Journey,” provides readers with the insights to cope and be happy after a breakup.

Most individuals do not realize that most people struggle four to seven years before the initial break-up.

This book helps you cope emotionally before, during, and after the break break-ups literally like having a psychotherapist in the comforts of your own home.

In the introduction, Dr. Kathryn Foster opens up and lets you into her world sharing briefly touching moments from her life journey that motivated her to write this book.  Foster helps readers realize how common break-ups and divorce are in our society including excellent tips, tools, techniques, and strategies to help you overcome the pain, fear, and frustration that follows, so you can move on and find the true happiness you were destined to experience.

In When Your Relationship Changes: A Woman’s Journey, Dr. Kathryn Foster helps you understand with her words of wisdom that a journey of awakening does not require a traumatic event to occur in order to experience a rude awakening. Dr. Foster teaches readers in her book that as long as you are open to change then change will make its way into your life.

Foster gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your needs as she provides excellent guidance for a changing relationship in her astonishing book When Your Relationship Changes: A Woman’s Journey.

When Your Relationship Changes: A Woman’s Journey is packed with magnificent advice, tools, techniques, and strategies, which teaches readers how to realize when it’s time to move on, how to cope with breakups and divorce, and how to move forward to the next journey in life, so you can experience the happiness you yearn for in life.

A marriage & family therapist for 28 years, Dr. Kathryn Foster provides brilliant insight on how to transform your life including fabulous advice plus a wide range of recommendations and tips throughout the book on how you can cope with a breakup or divorce and move on in your life, so you are able to experience a happy, healthy and productive life alone or with another partner in the future.

Throughout the book, Dr. Kathryn Foster provides a vast array of advice that helps readers acknowledge the vital tools you need to get through the breakup, so you can acquire happiness in the future.

These strategies play an essential role in the person’s life.  One important factor I acquired from reading this amazing book on breakups and divorce was that it’s crucial for individuals to listen to their inner instincts.

At the beginning of the book on page 38, Dr. Kathryn Foster discusses how this book was written to strengthen your inner brain.

Most people are resistant to change.  Dr. Foster says that in life, the old must die before the new one can be birthed.  Her message is that the fear of change can be overwhelming, but millions have survived and so will you.

Dr. Kathryn devotes a whole chapter to chapter 2, which provides excellent advice and guidance dealing with aloneness.  I found the information in this chapter extremely valuable.

Coping skills for break-ups and divorce are not only necessary for well-being, but it is vital for each individual to learn how to cope with their current emotions and focus on the future that lies ahead. Sadly, most people fear change and are clueless on how to move on because they become so depressed and sadden that they are unable to begin the healing process of breakups.

Unfortunately, they become stuck in a hole where they are unable to dig themselves out.  With looming emotions and a lack of productive guidance, people tend to become trapped in a relationship that brings them little or no happiness.

The trick is how do we realize when change is necessary, how do we cope with break-ups and how do we productively move on to the next stage of our life so we can have a life filled with happiness and joy.  Dr. Kathryn Foster teaches you in her book how to turn your life around with the tips, tools, strategies, and techniques that are easy to incorporate in your life and very self-rewarding.

Foster not only discusses how to cope with break-ups effectively, but she also shows you how to transform your entire life as you read this astonishing life-changing book.

Dr. Kathryn Foster’s approach to breakups helped me realize that WE can survive any overwhelming obstacle that crosses our path.  Breakups are very common and it doesn’t mean you failed, it just means that you have changed and so have your needs.

In addition, through reading this book I realize no matter what age you are you can transform your life and create the life you always wanted for yourself. A life filled with happiness, inner peace, good health, and strong inner strength that can lead you to endless opportunities and the ability to reach any level of happiness and success you desire.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in learning how to cope with a break over on to a fresh and exciting new life.

Dr. Kathryn Foster’s book is excitingly packed with outstanding advice and techniques.   When Your Relationship Changes: A Woman’s Journey is a rewarding, motivating, and inspiring read.

kathryn foster

Website: www.kathrynfosterphd.com

Publishers: CreateSpace Independent Publishing   Available as a Paperback or Ebook; ISBN: 978-1482748789, $14.99 174 pages

Available as a Paperback or Ebook; ISBN: 978-1482748789, $14.99 174 pages

Kathryn Foster, Ph.D.


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