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Through the Garden Gate (Book Review)

Title: Through the Garden Gate

Author: Judy Condon

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ISBN: 978-0984702855, $19.87, 144 pages

This book is a unique and invigorating read packed with astonishing photography based on beautiful gardens whose gardeners used a gate or a trellis as a means through which to enter as a focal point to design and create a garden that will blow you away.  The photography captivates your eyes as you get to witness the many different creative souls that used their gardens as a way to bring light to their artistry and creative expertise.

Each chapter takes you to a different home and shows you how each family created their own unique look by using different gates old and new, iron and wood, rusted and painted, plain and decorated.  Each chapter gives you a run-down of its family history along with how each family created their own distinct look using colorful flowers and accessories.

The book then continues into chapter two through chapter 26 where Judy Condon takes you to different homes to view their exquisite gardening designs.  The book makes you feel like you actually in the gardens. If you are looking for beautiful and amazing gardens to view and get ideas from to implement in your own garden then you will find the information and pictures in this book, “Through the Garden Gate.”

As you continue reading, you will find tons of phenomenal gardening ideas to use in your own garden. I enjoyed how the book provides you information and pictures of different homes that have created a unique and distinct look from their own gardening designs

This book provides you with the stepping-stones and techniques to make a beautiful garden using unique ideas that you definitely cannot find anywhere else on the Internet.  Judy Condon the author provides the reader with extraordinary tools and techniques and easy-to-make ideas that will capture your creativity and bring it to life through the art of gardening.

This gardening book was remarkable.  Judy Condon’s book, Through the Garden Gate, is an excellent book packed with phenomenal information, history and photography.  I found this book to be interesting and enjoyable to read.  I recommend this book to others.

~Author Stacey Chillemi

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