Out of the Bubble – A Mother’s Nightmare Becomes Reality As She Fights for Her Sons Life

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Out of the Bubble – A Mother’s Nightmare Becomes Reality As She Fights for Her Sons Life

An amazing memoir that shares her and her family’s roller coaster ride as they fight for their son’s life as he battles the fight of his life with epilepsy.

Life with Epilepsy

When your child is diagnosed with epilepsy, the world seems as if it has been knocked off its axis and suddenly the materialistic or the small things in life that you thought were once important no longer have any significance.  You go from normality to everything around you spinning wildly out of control. The night before you were kissing your child goodnight and tonight you’re close by his side to help him in case he experiences a seizure.

There are no classes or webinars to help prepare you for the traumatic journey that lies in the pathway in front of you.  Unfortunately, this life does not provide us with a stop or rewind button, there is no turning back.  As much as we dread we must move forward and unfortunately there are no crystal balls to tell us what lies ahead in our future.  We can only hold on to what faith we have and use the support of our loved ones to help get us through this tragedy that no parent or loved one wants to experience.  Perhaps the hardest thing to deal with is the overwhelming unfairness of the situation. “This shouldn’t happen to kids-especially my kid!” But it has.

Shelby McGrath Myers created “Out of the Bubble,” an amazing memoir that shares her and her family’s roller coaster ride as they fight for their son’s life as he battles the fight of his life with epilepsy.

I found this book to be very heartwarming, informative and motivational. Packed with a touching story based on her and her family’s rocky journey in life as she shares her memories and feelings along with how she was able to take the traumatic obstacle that crossed her life path and use it as a motivator to grow and create positive change in her life and the epilepsy community.“Out of the Bubble,” is filled with fabulous insight on how to cope, overcome and turn your life around including great insight for doctors’ to get a better understanding on the emotional aspect from a parents perspective.

Shelby McGrath Myers book, “Out of the Bubble,” gave me the insights to understand that we are not alone.

Epilepsy does not just affect the person with the disorder it affects everyone around them.

One important factor, I learned from this book is that you need to make sure you not only have good communication with your doctors but you also need to maintain a healthy connection with your mind, body and soul.  The reason for this is that most of the time when we ask questions, we already know the answers to them.  The answers lie deep with our inner self, the trick is to stop for a moment and listen to what your inner self is saying.

This is what Shelby did when important decisions were needed to be made.

In chapter 1, she opens up and lets you into her world sharing her ups and downs and the pain she endured in the beginning.  She explains how life was before and how in such a short period her life was turned upside down and how the option of everything going back to the way it once was – was just a fairy tale for her in her life.
As you enter chapter 2, she discusses the early phases of Clayton’s epilepsy condition.  Shelby McGrath Myers is very detailed, humble and warm throughout the entire book.  She takes you through her journey and makes you feel a part of her life.

Myers not only gives you a clear concise understanding of what she and her family went through, but she also makes you a part of Clayton’s life.

Your heart begins to ache and your motivation to want to make a difference skyrockets.  The book takes you into the point where you don’t want to put the book down.
Myers teaches you if people change, teach and advocate for a cause like epilepsy change will occur.  We need to empower each other and fight for a cure.  Shelby McGrath Myers is up for the challenge.  Are you?

In addition, through reading this book I realize no matter what age you are you can help to make a difference.   All children will likely have many different health problems during infancy and childhood, but for most children these problems are mild, they come and go, and they do not interfere with their daily life and development.  For some children, however, epilepsy affects everyday life throughout childhood into your adult life. Everyone should take this into consideration and step up to the plate to help make a difference.

Shelby was hit with a hard curveball; however, unlike many, she got right back up and for that reason, she will succeed as she has already helped to change the lives of hundreds with epilepsy.

Shelby McGrath Myers book “Out of the Bubble,”  is an excellent book that I highly recommend to others.

~Author Stacey Chillemi
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